by Hannah Bower on April 12, 2017

3 Simple Additions That Help Make The Best Church Websites?

The best church websites are warm, welcoming, and engaging.

A website is an opportunity to market yourselfand your beliefs to people before they even decide to walk through your church doors.

A percentage of people will base their decision on whether they want to visit your church, or not, solely on what your website has to offer.

Give site visitors a taste of what they can expect if they decide to visit your church.

Try implementing these three additions to your website to attract more visitors. 

1. Podcast

Having a podcast may seem pointless or unnecessary to some churches.

However, the style and content of a pastor's preaching highly influences someone's decision on whether they want to attend or not.

Utilize a podcast to upload all your Sunday sermons so that not only can potential visitors listen and get a feel for the heart of your church, but then your current members can go back and listen to any weeks they may have missed.

Uploading recent sermons is not the only way you can utilize a podcast.

If your pastor, or any staff or leaders, have content such as leadership tips, outreach tactics, ect, you can use the podcast as a platform to publish and distribute it.

2. Event Calendar

If you want people to stay informed, engaged, and excited, try having a current and frequently updated event calendar.

Having a visual calendar with all upcoming events and special services on your website is a great advertising tool.

If you have some fun events planned that will appeal to the community, advertise them on your site calendar so that people who are considering attending your church can be informed on ways to get involved.

Event calendars also benefit your congregation by helping keep them informed as well, and remind them about events, outreaches, and services.

Having all your events promoted online will also help your return of success.

Word of mouth advertisement can only get you so far.

Online advertisement will increase the amount of people you can reach, and help remind people for you!

3. Have Social Following And Sharing Buttons

An easy way to help increase the amount of your website visits is to have social following and sharing icons on the appropriate pages of your website.

Social sharing buttons would be ideal on the event calendar page.

That way, if one of your upcoming events piques someone's interest, they can share it with their friends, and let them know as well!

Social following buttons give visitors the opportunity to check out more of your online presence-which is another opportunity for you to influence their decision to visit your church.


These additions are simple but effective.

All three give you opportunities to promote, engage, and inform visitors and existing members.

Try one or all three and see how they increase your website engagement and ratings!


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