by Hannah Bower on September 11, 2017

5 Tips On How To Create A Successful Gym Marketing Campaign

Everybody wants to see their business grow, right?

I don't know a business owner who would say "no, I'm okay with the same 20 customers a month and making the bare minimum."

I'm not saying money is everything, nor that that is your driving factor for business growth, but if you have a brand that you whole heartedly believe in, and you want people to be impacted by it, then business growth is an obvious desire.

This is especially true for gym owners.

Your brand is something that positively impacts many people, by encouraging health and wellness.

Sometimes marketing your brand to gain more business growth can be frustrating and seem difficult.

Really when it comes down to growing your business, you have to know you are, why you're different from your competition, and how you bring value to people, then learn how to express this to your audience in a way that connects with them.

This is where a kick-ass campaign comes in!

1. Set Your Goals

Every marketing campaign starts with smart, defined goals - goals are essential for growth.

It is almost impossible to lead your team to success if you don't know where you are going or how to get there.

You may want more clients, but what is your "why" behind wanting them?

What do new clients mean to you?

What are your goals when it comes to increase of revenue?

Nailing down your specific goals will make finding a path to achieve them easier.

2. Find Your Target Audience

Your goal should not be more leads a month, but rather more qualified leads.

Qualified leads have more of a chance closing in a sale because they are people who are looking for your certain services.

If you are a Cross Fit gym, then people looking for a regular 24 hour gym would not be a qualified lead.

So, how do you find your target audience?

The best way to figure out who your ideal client is, is to survey your existing ones.

Are they typically male or female?

Do your vicinities usually cater more towards millennials, middle aged, or seniors?

Once you have a better idea of who, figure out your what and why.

What is their driving factor for going to the gym?

Is it because they desire to be healthy, want to get back in shape, or are they trying to gain muscle/lose weight for something specific?

Once you get the what, get the why behind it?

If their what is to get healthy, what is their why?

It could be that there is a long line of diabetes in their family, and they know that by regular exercise they can cut down the risk of getting them.

Or, let's say their what is to lose twenty pounds, why?

It may be that they are about to get married and they want to shed a good amount of weight before the big day.

Once you have figured out their what and their why you need to speak to that goal in a way that they will emotionally connect with.

3. Offers!

Once you have your goal, and you have nailed down your target audience, your next task is to get them in the door.

The best way to attract new clients is by advertising offers.

It could be a week long trial with your gym, or sign up today and get two free sessions with a personal trainer, ect.

People love deals.

They snatch up anything they can get for free or half off.

Your goal should be to advertise with something that will catch their eye and pique their interest.

If you get a customer through the door just once, you have a great opportunity to turn them into a life long customer.

It's the getting them through the door part that can be difficult.

So use offers!

Give them a reason to come try your amazing equipment and enjoy your facility, and I'm sure they will never want to leave.

4. Get Info, And Follow Up

Once you get new customers through the door, you want to take down all the information you can get so that you can properly follow up with them.

Try and get information that will give you more insight as to who they are and what they do.

Let's say you have someone take up your offer for a free seven day trial, and they fill out an information packet that tells you they are a thirty-two year old female who was an elementary school teacher, what offers could you make them?

Well, if it is during the school year then you can assume they will either be at your gym super early in the morning, or in the evenings.

When you follow up with this person, be sure to highlight the amazing classes you offer at times you know would be more convenient for them.

You could also follow up with an offer announcing a discount on water bottles, smoothies, or snacks for any local teachers who bring a guest with them.

Follow ups, whether by email or through phone, allow you to have a personal touch.

People who are not already used to gyms can feel slightly overwhelmed when joining one.

Make them feel special and at home in your gym by adding those personal touches.

5. Always Track And Analyze

You should track the success of every campaign you start.

Let's say you figured out your goal was to grow monthly revenue by $5,000 and your target audience was forty year old men.

In order to get more forty year old men through the door you start making special offers for dads, business men, ect. by advertising on your website and social media.

In a few months once your campaign has ended, go back through your data base and see how many new clientele were forty year old men.

You would then be able to track and see if your marketing efforts spoke to and attracted the right audience, if you narrowed down your ideal customer correctly, and if you met, or were close to meeting your goal.

If you did not meet your goal, figure out where you need to adjust, and start again!


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