by Hannah Bower on July 7, 2017

Affordable Tools To Increase Your Marketing

Marketing can seem daunting as there are many things that fall underneath it's canopy.

  1. Different platforms to try and build an audience on.
  2. Different pieces of content to create and produce.
  3. Different graphics/videos to make for different projects.
  4. Different amounts of data that need to be analyzed.

Don't let your marketing efforts fall short because you don't have the right software or tools to support you.

Listed are a few affordable tools you can use in your different areas of marketing to ensure success!

Content Creation

Content is the basis to your marketing.

Content can take many different forms.

Whatever your product or service is, you want to write blogs, eBooks, or social posts around it to create awareness and increase your flow of traffic.

When creating content you want to make ensure your writing is clear and understandable to your audience, as well as engaging.

Here are two of the best tools that will help ensure your writing is top of the game!

  • Grammarly - You can install Grammarly's browser extension onto your computer so that no matter where you write you can ensure that your message is clear and mistake free.
  • CoSchedule - With many different attributes CoSchedule is all around set up to help you create the best content. Use their "Headline Analyzer" to create catchy and attractive headlines that will speak to your target audience. As well, check out their social publishing optimizer to see how engaging your social posts will be.

Email Marketing Automation

Studies show that email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to market.

Working with an automated email marketing and CRM tool with increase your effectiveness and make things easier for you!

Try this great tool that is user friendly and effective.

  • MailChimp- Use the free start up automation plan that enables you to have 2,000 subscribers and send 12,000 emails per month! This automation service will enable you to have a personal touch in your marketing - so it frees up some of your time, but is still "human" and will connect with your audience!


How can you know if your efforts are successful if you do not measure their results?

Measuring the engagement with your marketing efforts will highlight areas that are working and helping you achieve your goals, or expose areas that are falling flat and either need adjusting or to be rid of completely.

There are some great tools out there to help make this easier for you.

  • Google Analytics - This tool is free and easy to you. They provide all the digital analytics tools you need to gain more insight when it comes to your customer's interactions and over all experience. Plus, they're all kept in the same place to make analyzing your data even easier!

Social Media

Marketing across different social media accounts is important to create awareness around your brand and promote your content.

You can spend time on each platform writing and rewriting different posts for each, or you can hop on a social media automation tool that will enable you to post across each channel all at once!

  • Buffer - This tool allows you to schedule all your posts at once for a later time across multiple social channels and accounts. Save yourself time by using this publishing management tool!


Are you promoting blog posts, eBooks, podcast, ect. across social platforms or on your website?

If you are you are most likely spending time finding the right photos to use or trying to make the perfect graphic.

Look no further for the easiest to use and completely cost effective graphic design tool.

  • Canva- This tool makes it easier for anyone to create a custom graphic. They supply pre-made templates that you can use and edit to fit exactly what it is you need. They even offer a school that you can register for to easily learn how to better use their product! You can sign up a team to make it easy to share graphics among your company to get feedback or allow people to edit and make changes.


The success of your marketing efforts heavily relies on the different tools you decide to use - but that doesn't mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars doing so.

Try out some of the affordable tools now to help you reach your marketing goals!


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