by Kenny Lange on December 24, 2015

How to Market To A Customer For Life

The worst feeling in the world as a customer typically right after you've agreed to buy. You've made the decision to hand over your money and you're mind races with tons of questions.

Did you get the right product or service? Will you regret your purchase tomorrow? Or the worst - will you be treated differently (ignored) now that the salesperson or organization got your business?

How Do You Make Sure That Doesn't Happen To Your Customers?

Recently, I was speaking to my mother-in-law about where I get my tires rotated. I spoke about the great deal on tires that I got there and how well I was treated. In part, I was trying to convince her to go there because I believed my tire shop to be the best place to go.

Then she shared her experience with the auto shop she went to...

She has been taking her vehicles to this shop for over 20 years. Mostly because the first time she took her car in to have her breaks changed they told her that she did not need new breaks and that she could go another 10,000 miles.

They were honest.

Honest to the point of forfeiting revenue that day.

What This Means For You

That tire shop understood that there was a metric far more valuable than that day's revenue - the lifetime value of a customer (or LTV).

In the inbound methodology, this is known as Delighting the Customer. This creates a conversion from Customer to Promoter. Delighting your customer is the best form of marketing that YOU can do. Because a delighted customer creates the pinnicle of marketing - word of mouth marketing.

They have spheres of influence that you do not.

They have already built the relationships that you need to build.

They will work for you without causing a draw on your payroll!

So, delight your customer by being honest. Tell them if the service you provide isn't right for them or maybe isn't right for them right now. Shoot for the LTV instead of just today's value and you'll end up with a salesforce that your competitors will be envious of.

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