by Hannah Bower on July 26, 2017

The Business Rising Podcast Ep. 7 | Are Your Processes Hurting Or Helping Your Business


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Welcome to The Business Rising Podcast! We provide education, inspiration, and application for busy business leaders. Today we talk about processes - how to implement them, and how to decipher whether they are beneficial to your business or causing you damage.

Show Notes:

Processes are important.

Whether you are thinking of starting a business, just starting, in leadership with a business, or own a your own business, implementing processes strategically is a good thing.

However, like any good thing, done to certain extremes can be hurtful or damaging.

What is a process?

Really, processes are guidelines for you to follow within something that is repeatable.

Most of the time processes are added because of a previous failure or frustration - a response to a negative emotion, whether eternally or as a reaction to a negative response from a boss or client.

However, that does not mean that processes don't come from good intentions.

They can be implemented to encourage a more efficient way to complete a certain task, have better meetings, or even better interviews with potential team members or clients.

Processes will be unique within your different areas of work.

For example, we have a different sales process for our marketing retainers than we do with our website design retainers.

What Does A Successful Process Look Like?

Take McDonalds for example.

Ray Kroc, who joined McDonalds in 1954, made it the most successful fast food corporation in the world simply by systemizing the way they did business, and then went and implemented that process in their other locations.

This is the way processes should work.

They are put in place to bring structure to ultimately increase the productivity and efficiency of a business, not just to give people more stuff to do, or to micromanage team members.

What Does A Hurting Process Look Like?

Processes become hurtful when there is an over abundance of them.

If someone in authority puts a process in place because of a lack of trust in their team members or clients, they will help, nor fix things.

An over processed environment does not leave room for trust.

Where Do You Start Implementing Helpful Processes?

Audit your time for a solid work week - whatever that may be.

Take notes of the tasks you do.

What are your top 3 most frequent tasks?

If you do not already have a process given to you, take your frequent tasks and start to break down the steps you take to begin forming your process.

If you are an entrepreneur with a small team, or working just with yourself, software is a great option.

The right platform will allow you to put what is already in your head into a functioning piece of platform that will help keep everything in the same place and visually represent the steps you take for a certain project.


Processes help instill consistency, not only for your team, but for your clients as well.

Where there is consistency, there is more trust.

You should go back and reexamine your processes quarterly to make sure you are still on track and make adjustments where needed.

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