by Hannah Bower on June 14, 2017

Understanding The Goals And Pain Points For Your Potential Client

If you consistently read my blogs you may realize that I have these so called "eureka moments" quite a bit.

Shouldn't we all though?

I believe eureka moments are a sign that you are consistently growing and learning.

Anyway, that's another topic for another time!

I had one of these moments again recently.

It happened as I was meeting with a potential client to discuss web design and marketing services for his health insurance business.

As I was going about my process, asking all the necessary questions, it was almost like I got hit square in the face when we approached the topic of his biggest "pain points".

As with most potential clients, I asked him his greatest struggle - what was keeping him from reaching his goal.

Then, of course, we came back around to what his goal actually was - which was attracting more qualified leads.

Now, this is a normal conversation for someone working for a creative agency or marketing agency; however, as he continued talking my "sales person bubble" was popped.

When I say "sales person bubble", I don't mean the attention or focus was on me or how I could get his money - I am referring to being in the mindset of "how can we fix this, what is it that you need, here's the roadmap you need to take to reach a higher level of success".

The focus was not on me and what PHNX21creative Agency would benefit from this man's business - already, from the get go, the attention was turned towards the potential client and what we could do to enable him to reach his goals.

But, as he continued, I realized my attention was only half-heartedly focused on his actual pain point.

He began to talk about his goal and why he needed to see more leads each month, and why he desired to see his monthly income increase and stay consistent.

He shared with me that his wife was currently working, but because of the line of work she was in she was constantly having to bend over, stand for long periods of time, and having to lift heavy objects.

Over time her back and hips have progressively gotten worse, and she finds it difficult to stand most days because of the pain she is in.

The focus of his goal went from just wanting more qualified leads and having a steady income, to - wanting more qualified leads to increase his income so that he can see his wife retire early, and not damage her body further, or be in pain.

...that will stop you in your tracks.

I think it is easy for marketers to sit and listen to the goals of potential clients and just focus on the numbers they have vs. the numbers that they want.

But what about the reason behind those numbers?

All of us at PHNX21creative Agency have put a lot of time and focus into making sure every tweet, post, email, and interaction with a potential customer is as human as possible.

We have a strict "no fluff or B.S" policy in every area of our work.


Because people like to work with people.

People connect with realness, transparency, and openness.

Hearing the goals of this potential customer made me realize I could take my efforts of "being human" even further.

No longer was it "here's what I think we can do to help you increase the number of your qualified leads to ultimately increase your monthly salary."

It turned into "hey, here's the plan I have drawn out. If we do this I think you will see an increase in your qualified leads and sales opportunities so that you can see your wife retire quicker and ensure she gets healthy."

Which offer would you connect with more?

The one that hit your pain point right on the target!

Now, this potential client trusted me and felt he could be open with me, so he willingly offered this piece of information to me.

What about other potential clients?

If they do not willingly offer this information, should you worry about getting it?

In my opinion - absolutely!

The potential client sharing this information with me was not just so I could get hit emotionally, and feel sympathetic towards him.


It made me look harder at our marketing efforts, and see that every piece of content written, every social share, and every minute spent on keyword research is effecting and benefitting, not just a company, but the lives represented in that company.

Now, this doesn't mean be nosey and pushy in your sales meetings.

Some people may not offer anything beyond the numbers they want to see.

However, is there anything in casual conversation that you can gather to help give you a better idea of who they are?

Do they have kids - could college tuition be a potential pain point for them?

You may say that's speculation, and marketing should never speculate, but go off research and gathered inforamation.

I'm not saying let your speculation play into your marketing, but maybe keep it at the forefront of your mind when you are going to market to help you remember that the work you are doing is helping improve the lives of the people you work with.

Isn't that the point?

If that thought is not at the forefront of your mind when you are marketing either for your own company, or someone else's, try taking a step back and think about your own goals.

Why would you like to make two thousand extra dollars a month?

What do more qualified leads and sales opportunities mean to you?

Again, this stems from a personal experience and is just some food for your thoughts! 


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