by Hannah Bower on July 17, 2017

What Is The Most Important Characteristic To Have In Marketing?

Marketing is a constant up hill trek.

The higher you get the more you can see, but you're still not at the top - you're still not seeing the full view.

What do I mean?

You can never perfect marketing.

Marketing is constantly changing and ever growing.


Because it is dependent upon people.

And people and cultures are always changing.

That is why marketing has the similar feeling of hiking up a mountain that seems to never stop growing.

You may gain more followers on social accounts, find better ways to attract qualified leads, and you may even nail down a sales process that increases your closing rate - you're getting higher, but you still have not reached the top.

There's still more to learn and more areas to grow in.

That being said, it is easy to get antsy in your marketing efforts.

Well, at least it is for me.

You may be the most easy going Joe blow out there who thinks the waiting process is the greatest part of your job...if so, good for you!

However, the waiting process sometimes feel like it will be the death of me, and I'm sure there are a lot of people who can empathize with me.

It can be hard to experiment with new marketing ideas and actually wait long enough to collect accurate data.

There are marketing tactics that may take up to six months, eight months, or even a year to really bring the results you wanted.


A year?

Yeah, I know.

When I first started working for the creative agency I do now, I expected my efforts to pay off a lot quicker than they have.

I wouldn't say I imagined there would be immediate results, but I definitely did not expect to still be figuring things out half way in.

Is that not a true depiction of the world we live in now?

We live in a time where people want things immediately.

You can almost make any meal you would in the oven in the microwave these days.

And then, sometimes that is not even fast enough.

I took the same approach in marketing.

I wanted microwave results.

When things were not happening at the pace I thought they would or should, I realized it wasn't necessarily the efforts that needed changing, it was my level of patience.

I needed more patience to actually run an experiment, test something, and see if it worked.

Not jump to conclusions after something got four retweets on Twitter instead of six like I had hoped.

Patience is vital in marketing.

As things are constantly changing, you have to have the patience to learn and relearn who your target audience is and what they are attracted to.

In the same way, when you are running experiments and you are not seeing results as quickly as you thought, you have to have the patience to see whether it is something that will build and be greater with time, or if you need to move on.

Patience is key.

It is, in my opinion, the most important characteristic you can possess in your marketing efforts.

Next time you go to measure the success of your marketing efforts, if something has not produced the results you expected, stop, and make sure you have given it the proper chance to grow. 


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