by Hannah Bower on September 6, 2017

Why Gusto Makes Employee Payroll Easy And Enjoyable

First, let me start by saying I do not work for Gusto.

Nor am I the owner of a business.

No, I am the employee on the payroll, and I would recommend Gusto's employee payroll software to any small business.

So this is not a sales pitch, but an honest opinion of the software.

I have worked different places, so I have experience being paid by check, cash, and direct deposit.

My preference?

Direct deposit, obviously.

My memory is not my best quality...I tend to forget things completely, or remember them last minute, which is why checks don't suit me.

And nobody carries cash these days, do they?

Direct deposit is simple.

The money magically shows up in your account so there's no waiting in bank lines and filling out direct deposit forms, which also makes setting up auto draft for any payments you need to make easier, because you know when the money will be put in your account.

Gusto makes direct deposit easy!

From an employees stand point, I love Gusto because they don't just drop the money in my bank account - they send out a report that is personal, informative, and easy to read.

Using a variation of colors, they show your gross income by breaking it down into Net Pay, Federal Taxes, and Imputed Pay.

They also break it down and show you how many hours you worked, if you had overtime, or if you worked any double time hours.

This information is also easy to find by signing in to your portal, which is simply laid out.

Upon logging in, you see something like this:

Screenshot of Gusto (1)

Off the bat you can see the personal touches they add by uploading your own option to tweet your company/boss, as well as leaving a different inspirational quote not just every month, but daily.

Alongside the option for you to check your most recent paystub and see when your next pay day will be.

Gusto also has an option to view previous paystubs from any month you want to go back and look at.

Untitled design (12)

Here is an example of my previous paystubs (with all my information cut out of course...).

You can see on the right side bar that they total your hours worked as well as show your net salary for the year to date.

If ever you needed to go check when a pay raise went into effect, when you had a deduction, ect. this feature is extremely helpful.

Gusto also makes it super easy for employees to request off.

How big of a pain is it to fill out a piece of paper that could very easily get lost on your boss's desk to ensure you get to go to your sister's wedding?

It's no joke when it comes to important dates that you need off.

Gusto keeps everything paperless and in one place to make sure that if your time off is denied, it's not because your piece of paper wound up with gum in it in the trash, but for other reasons your boss can explain.

Screenshot of Gusto (3)

It keeps track of your previous sick time off, your current available hours, and how you acquire your time.

Each business will be different, but this is an example of what mine looks like (hooray for only being sick for four hours!)

On top of being laid out extremely well and personable, Gusto gives each employee the option to donate a percentage of their paycheck to a charity of choice?

How cool is it to be able to give back and be a part of something bigger than yourself?

I love working with a company who cares about people and sees the bigger picture.

These are just a few features, from an employees standpoint, that make working with Gusto so enjoyable.


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