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Be Captivating.

Captivating marketing is clear and creative. Otherwise, it's boring or confusing. Want your business to standout in the marketplace?
That's where we come in.

About Us | PHNX21creative Agency


Social shares, conversion rates and increased revenue are great. But, we know that our team, yours, and the people we all market to are more than dollars and cents - we go beyond B2B/B2C.


Without this we can all make great progress in the wrong direction. That's why we made Clarity and Clear Communications part of our core values and at the core of our services.


A lack of Creativity shows a lack of passion and care. We want people to remember you when they need your type of solution. We don't want you to be "just another business".  Be "THE go-to business".

Meet The Team

We have very different backgrounds and that has made us a team that rises to any challenge.

Kenny_Lange_-_Headshot.jpgKenny Lange

Founder + Head Coach
+ Caffeine Enthusiast

Our leader started the agency with a MacBook Air on a TV tray and was profitable in the first year. His passion to help others communicate their message clearly and creatively apply to our team as well as our clients.

Silly Photos-7.jpgHannah Bower

Jr. Inbound Marketing Consultant + Digital Wordsmith

Hannah infuses creativity into every project she touches and is the friendly voice and face our clients love to talk to. Her care for each account and insightful ideas make her a dynamo.

Young man standing with a brown cardboard box on his head with sad face.jpeg

Carter Lackey

Inbound Marketing Apprentice 


Company Background

Our founder Kenny Lange started building websites back in the mid 90s after he and a friend watched a Pay-Per-View wrestling event. They built a site dedicated to trashing a one of the groups.

They were passionate supporters of a particular group of wrestlers and, therefore, dispised that group's rival.

Not quite the romantic tale you were hoping for, eh?

Not long after that, Kenny began working in his church's media department. This is where he learned about graphics, layouts, and how the smallest detail can make the biggest difference.

He even worked with a contemptory Christian worship band as their "media guy" for time.

Having worked in churches and ministries for over 12 years, Kenny's strengths lie in building relationships and being helpful to those around him.

Our founder received concurrent bachelor's degrees during the fall of 2009 in Speech Communication and Psychology because he saw that the way people communicate and perceive one another as  foundational to life let alone marketing.

In the spring 2014, Kenny built his first WordPress website with the purpose of building an audience after reading Michael Hyatt's New York Times Bestseller "Platform: Get Noticed In A Noisey World".

He built his own blog and got up to 1,000 unique visitors in a month. He knew he was on to something.

That's where he began to hone his talent and passion for digital communication into the skillset that eventually lead to the founding of PHNX21creative (formally PHNX21designs).

Kenny did as much research as he could until June of 2015 when he decided launch the agency.

That fall he went through the steps to become a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner and has since leveraged their industry leading tools, training and platforms to create success for his clients.

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