3 Simple Tips Your Business Can Use for Making Money On Social Media

Hannah Bower
Jan 11, 2017 4:33:12 PM

Are Your Social Media Habits Increasing Your Business's Profit?

Is your business making money on social media?  Or does your social media get treated more like that awkward family member you only see every so often and aren't actually sure what to talk about?

First things first. To know whether you are using social media properly and how it can expand your business's reach and profit, you need to understand why it is so important.

Think about the world we live in today. When was the last time you went to dinner, looked over at another table, and didn't see at least one of the people sitting there using their phone? You probably didn't!

We live in a generation that is glued to their computer and phone screens. What can we say?

We are a social bunch!

Businesses everywhere have recognized the incredible draw and pull social media has and have started using this to their benefit.

Take a look at your business's social media accounts. How much traffic are you pulling in to your site? Are you getting followers, likes, and shares?

If you're sitting there and the answer is no, then lets explore the reasons why this may be by looking at 3 simple tips for reaching more people and, therefore, enabling your business to make more sales!

1. Are you likable?

Nobody enjoys to sit down to have a cup of coffee with someone who has the personality of a brick wall.

If you sit down to a cup of coffee with someone you have never met before you want them to tell you all about who they are, what they like, and what they do for a living.

It is the same way with social media!

If someone goes to your Facebook or Instagram page they don't want to see a generic bio with a few sentences or pictures from eight months ago when you randomly decided to post a picture of Joe Blow that works in accounting.


People want humor, life, and well...to feel like they're talking to a human! The best way to connect potential customers with your product or business is to be approachable!

First step in "upping" your social media profiles is to liven them up!

Add some character and flare. Tweet your thoughts and inside jokes you have with employees. Your potential customers want to feel apart of the group!

Maybe you already have a pretty good bio and information section on your Facebook page, but have you thought about posting a vlog of yourself explaining why you offer the products you do, and what they mean to you?

Or let's take a look at your Instagram. Are you posting pictures of your new products, projects, or the lunch you're eating to spur you on for the rest of the day?

You may think that seems ridiculous, but you'll be surprised how many people are more drawn to businesses because they are human and real.

2. Are you consistent?

So share a post, tweet, and post a picture...and then do it again! The best way to stay lively and up to date is to be consistent!

Maybe you have all the intent in the world to post on social media, but at the end of every work day you realize you forgot again.

Don't worry...there is no finger wagging over here.

Have you ever thought about setting up a social media posting schedule? Are you asking yourself if that's even necessary? Let me answer for you-it is!

If you are wanting to increase the traffic to your page you need to be active on every platform your business is engaging on not only daily, but multiple times a day!

Scheduling out social media posts is smart and effective. If you're not sure where to start, take a look at these great and effective tools for helping you stay on top of your posts!

3. Are you targeting the right people?

Now being human and consistent with your posts are great, but you're still there to attract revenue and make profit, correct? So let's think about your audience.

What do you sell, and who typically buys from you?

I just recently bought a dress from a site online that I had never previously heard of because I saw it on a Facebook ad. In comparison, my friend just bought a mens jacket from an online site because of the Facebook ad that he saw.

Now, I never come across offers on men's jackets, but I do scroll over some beautiful shoes or dresses usually everyday.

Why? Because those online sites have narrowed down the audience they are trying to reach and targeted them.

Those clothing sites probably narrowed down their target reach to 18-40 year old women, and you know at least made some profit, because I bought from them!

Have you ever taken the time to sit down and figure out exactly who your product appeals to? If not, better now than never right?

Even if you offer a product or service that is wildly useful to the masses, try narrowing down a specific product or topic to blog about to a specific aim of people, and then adjust your target reach accordingly! See how many more responses and hits you get!


Social media is only increasing, evolving, and exploding all the more. Not trying to engage and market your business on these free platforms is almost foolish!

Take a look at your competitors. I guarantee you they are all active on social media!

Need more convincing on the importance of using Social Media to market your products? 

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