4 Great Tips For Small Businesses To Identify Ideal Buyers

Mar 15, 2018 9:02:00 AM

Stop wasting your money marketing to people who don't care about your product!

Easier said than done, right? Not really.

Speaking to people who are interested in your product doesn't have to be that hard. It's as simple as identifying your ideal buyer.

Survey, Question, Ideal buyer identificationBy first identifying who your ideal buyer is, you are able to better develop a marketing strategy that will directly connect to this fictional person and attract them as a prospective customer/client. 

However, the big question remains, "What is the best way to identify this individual?"

Here are 4 tips that will help you identify your ideal buyer and better optimize your marketing strategy. 

1. Survey Current Clients

Survey Clients to identify ideal buyers

One of the absolute best ways to identify who your ideal buyer is to survey your current clients. 

The thing that reveals what kind of customer is likely to come to you is, frankly, the people who already buy from you.

Plus, they're the easiest to learn from since you're already working with them.

Survey them on a wide variety of individual facets.

Don't simply settle for, "I've identified that they like what we implement for them so I'll just continue doing that." 

Find out what their pain points are.

What issue were they searching to solve for when they found your company?

Ask them what they find most beneficial and helpful when working with your company.

These questions are psychographic questions, and they identify the way that people think.

However, you want to also acquire any demographic information you can.

Are most of your clients male or female, are they within a certain age range, and do they all have a similar range of annual income?

Not only will the answers to these questions enable you to better connect with them on a deeper, more invested level, but you'll find out how to capitalize on attracting more and more clients with the information you learn. 

Your clients' answers will also more than likely shed light on areas where you can improve your business so that you have even more to offer potential clients interested in your company.  

2. Survey Past Clients

Feedback, Survey, Questionnaire has a lot of the same purpose and benefits as the previous point, but it offers potential information that current clients can't - why they aren't clients anymore.

Obviously, it's sad to see a client leave for any reason.

But, what is that reason?

Was it an issue they had with something your company did?

Was it an "out-of-left-field" event that has nothing to do with your business?

Was it just the wrong fit?

Identifying what that factor is, is critical to improving upon it to help make sure it never happens again. 

It's important to identify the areas where your business may be lacking.

Whether that be in efficiency, clear communication, etc. 

By identifying these areas to improve upon, you're able to adapt as a business and help ensure future growth. 

Crafting a survey tailored specifically for your previous clients will identify areas you can improve on to connect better with future prospective clients. 

Now, of course, not every client may have left because they were unhappy. 

Your business may offer one time products or services. 

If that is the case, running a survey is all the more important. 

Were your previous clients satisfied with your work? NPS (Net Promoter Scores) are found by interviewing clients.

(click the link for more info!)

These determine performance and how likely customers will refer your services.

Net promoter score nps marketing infographic with promoters, passives and detractors icons and charts. Vector illustration. Organization teamwork, total detractor and passiveSo much so that they referred other people to your business?

These are things surveys will help you identify!

3. Run Heat Maps

Heat maps are a tool that you can use on a website in order to see where people are spending time.

This is essentially a tool that tracks how people spend their time and where or when they visit your website. 

With it, you're able to tell if they're spending time on the contact page attempting to gain more information, or if they're just clicking through the "about us" page and leaving. 

What do you do with this kind of information?

First, concentrate on refining the pages that are "cold" on your website and emphasizing the "hot" areas on your website. 

Second, conduct research on the visitors that are engaging with your website.

Knowing how many people are clicking on your call-to-action, looking at more than one page on your website, and are interacting with your content, are going to more closely identify as your ideal buyer. 

Another great way to discover whether the visitors coming to your site are ideal buyers is to have a poll on your website. 

Having a pop-up poll on your website that asks "Are you looking for something specific today? Did you find your answer?" will give you insight into whether the copy on your site is confusing people out of buying.

Try tools like Hotjar or Lucky Orange to implement these tactics.   

4. Create a Buyer Persona

Sitting down and diving into the thorough process of creating a buyer persona will provide immense benefit if you really utilize this critical tactic.  

You can funnel everything you write or create through the eyes of your buyer persona to ensure that you are always speaking in a language that will connect with your ideal buyer.  

Here's (a little bit of) what  one of PHNX21's buyer personas looks like!

Screenshot of Buyer Persona - SBS - Google DocsTake the data you collected from your past and present clients and identify any trends that there may be. 

Once you have identified these trends you can create your buyer persona and have a better idea where to drive your marketing focus.


Utilizing these tactics to identify a well-defined ideal buyer will help you develop a better marketing strategy that will ultimately result in more lead generation. 

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