5 Huge Reasons Your Business Needs Content Marketing In 2019

Jan 25, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Business blogging. Product videos. Educational podcasts.

Sound pointless?

If you're looking to get people on your site, engaged, and buying your products or services, those shouldn’t.

In fact, these services are forms of “content marketing”, and they should be the primary focus in your digital marketing strategy.

What’s a digital marketing strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is a strategy based on the inbound methodology of producing and sharing content to attract consumers, engaging with people on your site, and delighting them as customers.

And what’s the very first step to that strategy that you need to start doing today?

Producing content!

What Is Content?

Content is anything your company produces to educate and stimulate excitement about your product or service.

That means blogs (like the one you’re reading now), videos, podcasts, ebooks, white papers, checklists, and literally anything else you can think of that you can offer your ideal buyers.

And producing those things are crucial to getting people on your site and buying your product.

How big are they?

Here are 5 huge reasons why you absolutely need content marketing in 2019! 

1. “Business Blogging” Is The Easiest, Most Cost-effective, Way To Attract People To Your Site.

2019 is...still going to be heavily dominated by businesses that invest in blogging.

Business blogging is the process of blogging as a company to increase your online visibility.


A blog is what you’re reading now! They’re informative articles educating you on something - literally, anything.

Why care?

Because “content is king”, and blogs are the easiest, most cost-effective way to attract people to your site regardless if it’s B2B or B2C companies.


Companies publishing 16 or more blogs a month got almost 3.5 times the traffic than those pushing 0-4 a month!

Those same companies averaged 4.5 times more leads than those publishing 0-4 blogs per month!

Leads, by the way, are visitors who give you their contact information and are likely to buy (given the right content and engagement).

Push 11 or more blogs a month and you’ll average 3-4 times the traffic of companies that don’t!

And, there’s a ton of bonus benefits of effective blogging (keyword there is effective).

Bonus Benefits of Blogging (4)

  • Websites with 51-100+ optimized pages are more likely to show up on the first page of Google.
  • It can link out to other content or pages within your website to help nurture a visitor into a lead (and hopefully into a customer)
  • Blogging is a fast way to publish content you can use to grow social media and email marketing presence.
  • Companies that answer the questions of their visitors and leads are more likely to gain them as buyers
  • Your blog is a constant source of conversation that can answer questions, inform your ideal audience, and persuade them of your product/services’ benefits even when you’re not around.
  • It can provide a voice for your company so readers can get an idea of what your business is like.
  • It helps build on-site SEO so that you can potentially rank higher, both faster and easier.
  • Blogging can establish a database so readers can view your content for extensive explanations about certain topics pertaining to your company, products, or services.

So make a good impression!

2. Guest Blogging Builds Off-Site SEO Credibility


What Is Guest Blogging & Off-Site SEO?

  • Off-site SEO is a form of SEO that basically optimizes your website so it appears credible and authoritative to search engines by linking to other credible, authoritative websites.
  • Guest blogging is where you network with a credible company in your industry (but hopefully not in competition with you), and you write blogs promoting a topic that links back to your website.

Google wants to show users the best, most relevant results to their searches.

The algorithm Google uses to rank web pages loves guest blogs because they link two relevant, authoritative websites together. 

That guest blog is backed by two companies that are credible leaders in their industry.

Therefore, Googles views that blog as a better solution to relevant searches than those without those valuable off-site hyperlinks.

How Does Guest Blogging Improve SEO?

Let’s say you work for a company that builds Shopify websites.

You want to rank number one on Google for “shopify website builder”.

You look up “shopify website builder” and you rank on the second page for that keyword.

However, the number one result for that keyword is a company that makes lamps (but also builds Shopify sites in their spare time).

The lamp company’s sites are awful because they don’t specialize in making them.


Customers that buy a Shopify site from that shady company always find their bad purchases blow up in their face?

Not only is that a poor, elaborate pun but that company outsells yours since they rank higher for the keyword “shopify website builder

So, how do you rank higher for that keyword and reach your goals?

You reach out to Shopify and ask to guest blog for them.

You offer to write a blog for them called “Why you need a Shopify website builder instead of doing it yourself”, they accept, and you write a dynamite blog for them.

Google then analyzes how perfectly optimized your guest blog is (both on-site and off-site), and the company you wrote for sends the blog (that links back to your website) to all of their hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

What happens next?

That blog jumps to the top of Google’s results for “shopify website builder”, and everyone reading it follows the link to your site to purchase your product.

This is why guest blogging works so well!

Guest blogging is an off-site SEO strategy that woos Google by leveraging the industry authority of large companies to promote great content to buyers.

3. Blogs Build Your On-Site SEO

5 Huge Reasons Your Business Needs Content Marketing In 2019

Blogs add to your website pages and increase the avenues for someone to visit your website.

They see a blog they’re interested in? They’ll click on it and it takes them to your site.

Simple as that.

What Is On-Site SEO?

On-site SEO is the opposite of off-site SEO.

It is the process of increasing your website’s SEO through tactics that only involve your website (A.K.A. not linking to others).

Like all SEO, it takes some time to build and grow, but the best part about on-site SEO is that it’s easy to work on and much less time intensive.

You can improve your on-site SEO with a few easy steps!

  1. Make your website design responsive to different devices.
  2. Fix your meta descriptions.
  3. Structure your URL and Title for optimal keyword placement and SEO.
  4. Use backlinking to aid in site navigation.
  5. Cluster your content in pillar pages.
  6. Use images and videos
  7. Focus on keywords.
  8. Increase website performance.
  9. Post longer content.

These ways are sure fire ways to increase your on-site SEO with blogs.

It might not bring overnight success, but it’s vital to pushing your SEO to the next level!

4. Videos Increase Buyers. Period

5 Huge Reasons Your Business Needs Content Marketing In 2019

This is where digital marketing is going to explode in 2019!

Videos are sought after like crazy to authenticate purchases.

Did you know that 50% of consumers will search for a product or service video before visiting a store?

They’re looking for the information and education before they buy stuff.

This means your videos could persuade them to come into your doors!

There are really two kinds of videos: product videos and service videos.

What Are Product Videos?

Everyone wants to see videos, especially if you sell products (B2C)!

In fact, product videos can increase purchases by 144%.

These focus on the specific products you sell.

If your company sold socks for cats then you’d have videos like:

  • What do they look like
  • Benefits of kitty socks
  • How they’re made
  • How to properly use them

This way customers would have a great idea of what they’re like to own, use, and explain to PETA.

What Are Service Videos

Say you work in B2B and provide a service.

This usually takes time to explain what it is you do and why it’s beneficial.

While blogs are much more expansive and thorough, videos have the capability to sum up all the points and present them in an easily digestible format.

Let’s face it, we all skim blogs (about 43% of us). It’s the first thing we do.

We scroll up and down to see substance.

Videos instantly provide that substance, and over half of the people who watch videos watch all of it!

You need to incorporate videos into your content marketing strategy!

5. Podcasts Are On The Rise

5 Huge Reasons Your Business Needs Content Marketing In 2019

This is another area expected to dramatically increase in 2019.

17% of marketers plan on starting or adding podcasts to their marketing efforts in 2019.

If they’re planning on doing it then so should you!

Monthly podcast listeners have grown around 25% year over year, and about a quarter of all Americans listened to podcasts last month.

That’s a ton of people who listen, and a great avenue to capitalize on for your marketing!

(Check out ours here!)

For instance, I play guitar. My wife laments how much money I've spent (and plan to spend) on guitar pedals.

5 Huge Reasons Your Business Needs Content Marketing In 2019

One company I love is Wampler Pedals.

I’m a fan of their story, products, and culture.

They do a great job of both educating on guitar tone and other facets of music, but they also entertain the listeners.

Even though they don’t sell anything on their podcast, Chasing Tone, I listen to it like crazy!

And despite the amount of money I budget out for musical gear, I’ve already purchased one pedal (love my Plexidrive) and plan to buy at least one more!

(p.s. Brian/folks at Wampler my list consists of a Latitude Standard, Tumnus, or Mini Ego...or a large t-shirt! Just saying! :D)

This is what a great podcast can do. It can turn customers into fans and encourage further business!

In Summary

You absolutely need to incorporate content marketing into your digital marketing strategy in 2019.

The benefits of blogging are incredible, and it's the least expensive and time consuming way to start.

Videos are becoming more and more popular, and since they're the most thoroughly digested form of content, they should have their place in your 2019 marketing plans.

Podcasts are on the rise as well.

Start brainstorming ways you can use them to establish your brand and attract business through blogs, videos, or a podcast!

Want to learn more about what you need to set up your digital marketing strategy to dominate 2019?

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