5 Steps To Help You Effectively Promote Your Content

Hannah Bower
Jul 31, 2018 11:30:00 AM

Writing great content is one thing. Getting it in front of the right people is another.

This is what we call "content promotion".

Just writing great content is not enough.

Promoting your content takes more effort than just writing, and then throwing it up on a facebook for your grandmother , once.

Busy content promotionYou may get some traffic, but how much more could you get if you posted multiple times, and engaged on different platforms?

From the moment you begin to develop your content, how, where, and when you will promote and re-promote it should be one of your main priorities.

Content promotion is a great marketing practice to help drive more traffic to your site.

Let's dive into our top 5 ways to promote your content!

1. Contact Your Contacts - Build An Email List!

Building an email list is important for promoting content.

Whether you're sending blogs, offers, videos, etc... it is a great way to reach a large amount of followers/contacts and do so organized.

Create personalized emails to send, giving the opportunity to engage, with your newly written content.

Utilizing emailing software platforms and understanding email marketing will help with this step.

2. Utilize Multiple Social Media Platforms.

Social media has provided marketer's with an incredible opportunity to extend their reach and audience.

Whether Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, or Pinterest, there is a wide variety of platforms to utilize for content sharing.

However, don't procrastinate when it comes to posting.

Once you've shared a piece of content once, it does not evaporate into cyber space after a week, never to be found again.

Your content will always be there.

But the chances of a viewer stumbling upon it is a lot less likely if you post it once, rather than share it again in a week, month, or three months.

There are great articles out there to help you figure out a rhythm as to when and how many times you should social share your content.

Furthermore, interact with your content. If people comment you should comment back!

Let them know you're invested in their opinions and they will reciprocate the interest.

3. Phone A Friend...Or Stranger!

Once you've written a great piece of content, why not let other people know?

Having guests blog on your website it a great way to build audience, gain followers, and make connections.

However, what if you pitched your blog to another great blogging site?

If they like your content and agree to share your piece on their site you are gaining potentially thousands of viewers that you may never have reached otherwise.

No harm no foul in trying, right?

Try reaching out to some very successful bloggers you may follow, and see if they will feature one of your blogs on their site.

4. Find Like Minded People.

If you find a piece of content that catches your attention, you can grab the URL and search it in places, like Twitter, and see other people who have shared it.

When you find people who are sharing similar content, you can reach out, send them a link, and ask them to share opinions on some of your content.

Once you've established a rapport with them, you should ask then if they'd be willing to share your content or collaborate on a piece of content.

If anyone does share a piece of your content on their platforms, whether by request or organically, always reach out and say thank you.

Showing your appreciation will encourage that person to engage with you even further.

Ultimately helping grow your followers and fan base.

5. Change Your Content Form.

Taking a piece of content you have already written and transferring it into another form will broaden your reach.

Say you have a how-to blog post, why not put it in video form?

You then have the same information being sent out, but in two different forms, and ultimately appealing to two different groups of people.

Resulting in a wider reach.


Promoting content is essential to driving more traffic to your site, and expanding your reach and audience.

Engaging daily on different platforms, and in different formats, increases the chances of your content being found.

Don't be lazy when it's time to promote your content.

If you want a bigger reach, more followers, and want to drive more traffic to your site, then be strategic and properly plan a course of action when it comes to promoting! 

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