6 Easy Tips To Help You Motivate Employees

Hannah Bower
Jan 27, 2017 6:00:00 AM

If you want to do well at your job, you need to be efficient, perform with speed, stay positive, and be diligent.

As well, you want employees who can perform the same.

But with the Monday to Friday forty-hour work grind, it is not always so easy for you, or your employees, to have a "go-getter" attitude 24/7.

It can almost seem impossible.

How can you avoid the lethargic 2 p.m - 4 p.m hours?

How can you help beat the Monday blues?

What can you do to motivate employees?

1. Don't be a bully with the "to-do" list.

Start your business's day and week off with a clear and manageable list of goals you and the office can realistically achieve.

Everybody has deadlines, but that doesn't mean you or your employees have stay at the office and work ten hours overtime each week.

Unrealistic to-do lists are not a way to prove who the hard workers are.

Unrealistic to-do lists actually cause stress that can result in unproductive work.

Figure out what you and your employees can do in one day, two days, a week, and stick to those tasks.

If something that is due in two weeks can be done in one day, don't put it on this weeks to-do list.

Leave it for the week it is due.

Don't expect everything to be finished in one day either.

Expect employees to finish one small task a day, or half a larger task, and celebrate what they were able to get done, rather than complain about what they weren't.

Which leads us to...

2. A victory is a victory, no matter how small.

There's a quote from an unknown author that says:

"Don't wait until you've reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal."

This is a great mentality to have in the work place.

Every project checked off a to-do list is a win.

Even if it was only calling the supply company and ordering more paper.

You have to see that every step you and your employees take to keep your business running is another step toward your over all goals and success.

3. Encourage encouragement.

As you aim to have a positive attitude toward your own achievements, have a positive attitude towards others' achievements as well.

Encourage your employees as often and as genuinely as you can.

This doesn't mean you can't ever give critical advice or feedback towards something they are working on, but remember that you don't complete every task perfect either.

We should always encourage effort over outcomes.

4. Help avoid interruptions.

Conversation in the work place can be great.

Your employees should enjoy working with each other and feel like they are in an environment where they're voice matters.

However, a ton of chatter can turn a small break  to chat into a list of unfinished tasks.

So why not turn up some music?

Music will fill the awkward silent space, but will also help keep the brain stimulated while working.

Too many different tastes in music in the office?

Encourage employees to bring their own head phones to use while sitting at their desks.

5. Keep yourself from talking too much.

If you are encouraging your employees to not get caught up in conversation, make sure, in the same way, you are not wasting their time.

Are you keeping your meetings effective and to the point?

If you have one point to bring to the table, then should your meeting last an hour?

Unless you're bringing tacos to Tuesday's meeting, or turning it into happy hour, droning on for too long will result in losing employees' focus and could potentially disrupt their thought process for the rest of the work day.

6. What you reward gets repeated.

Speaking of tacos and happy hour...why not?

What is something that you know your employees would enjoy that you can implement into each week?

If every week is too often, why not every time you make a sale or reach a goal?

Encouragement can go a long way, but physical acts of rewarding hard work can go even further.

Bringing donuts on a morning you know your office has a deadline could give your employees that extra kick they need that morning.


Team members  are vital to your business.

Whether you have two people or one hundred people, it is important to make sure each person is taken care of well.

Happy employees make productive employees.

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