Are You Lost When It Comes To Your Growth Marketing Strategy?

Hannah Bower
Sep 13, 2017 9:06:00 AM

Like most business owners, you probably have vision and desire to see your business consistently grow.

However, every business owner's reason to see growth is different.

As well, your goals are different, which means there is no "one size fits all" growth marketing strategy proven to work for every business.

There are great tactics that everyone can utilize, but how you utilize them will look different than other businesses.

Your business is unique, and it should be marketed in a way that presents that to current and potential clients.

Don't stress about mirroring the multi-million dollar company's marketing tactics, and then feel crushed when you don't become an over night success.

Instead, look at what the multi-million dollar company is doing, and then choose which tactics would work within your company, instead of trying to make your company fit their tactics.

The first place to start when mapping out your growth marketing strategy is to hone in on your goals.

Try to be as specific as you can.

You have may more than one goal, that's great!

But what is at the very core of all of those goals?

Is there one thing tying them all together?

I would suggest focusing on one goal and marketing strategy at a time, either within your company as a whole or within your different departments.

If you're having trouble nailing down your specific goals try asking yourself a couple questions.

  • What is your mission?
  • Do you serve a niche customer?
  • What is current monthly business revenue?
  • What is a client's life time value?
  • How many client's do you need to increase your revenue to your new goal?
  • What is your closing rate?
  • How many leads do you need to hit your target clients?
  • How much traffic must you drive to your content/website to achieve desired number of leads?
  • What changes need to be made in order to hit these goals?
  • What road blocks hinder you from reaching these goals?
  • What is your time line?

Answering these questions will help you find your specific goal.

Once you have your goal, take a look at a couple different marketing tactics you can use to help you achieve these goals.

Producing content on subjects around your niche that will educate and pique the interest of your potential customers is a great place to start. 

Remember, in every tactic, you don't want to over sell yourself.

Your customer should feel like they are the hero. 

Take a look at your current, or previous, marketing strategy and ask yourself "who is the hero in this situation?"

If it's you, you might want to change it.

Your aim is to gain the trust of your clients, this is why positioning them as the start of the show is the way to go. 

If you have been over salesy in your previous strategies, but never actually made a sale, this doens't mean try to sell more, it simply means rearrange how you are presenting your products, content, and or services. 

You customer benefiting from your company should always be the focus, not your bank account. 

A great way to attract those customers is through social media platforms.

Staying relevant and having a voice where most of your clients spend their time, is extremely vital.

Don't find behind the competition because you aren't sure how to work twitter. 


Or reach out to a professional company who can help keep your company up to date and invested in all major platforms that help draw awareness to your brand! 

Always remember to monitor how your marketing tactics are perfomring as well.

If you try something and you get no new leads that month, don't sit there and scratch your head saying "I guess no one liked what we had to say."

If you are monitoring along the way, you will see that no one on twitter engaged with your messages, but people on Facebook did.

That could lead you to believe that you do not fully understand how the Twitter platform works, and you need to figure out how to change your voice on Twitter to appeal the audience better.

If you have specific goals, it will be easier to monitor the tactics you take to acheive them, and to then analyze your data to see what you need to improve on, what you need to change, and what is working for you. 


Want to learn more about marketing tactics and how to increase your awareness online? 

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