by Hannah Bower on September 20, 2017

Boost Your Business With Emotional And Creative Marketing

Creative marketing expresses an idea to your audience in a way that is captivating and easy to understand.

When marketing to your target audience, you are not just presenting a product or service at face value.

Whether your target audience knows they could benefit from partnering with your company or not, just showing them what you have to offer will not always capture their attention.

You have to speak to your target audience's emotions.

Connect with them.

Emotions are the profit driver, for every business, and creativity is your key to tapping into them.

For example, let's say you sell nice cars.

I have a car, but it may not be as nice as the ones you are selling.

In the back of my mind, I know I could use a nicer car like the ones you sell, but that doesn't mean I'm necessarily going to go through with buying one.

I may be thinking about the extra costs and the more expensive upkeep.

This is where you, knowing your target audience, would begin to promote your cars in a way that you know will connect with me emotionally.

That may be focusing on the safety features of the cars because you know I have kids, or will soon have kids, so you talk about the amount of air bags in your car vs. the one I am currently driving.

Let's look at another example.

This time you sell quality golf clubs, and your target audience is predominately older gentlemen.

If selling to older gentlemen, you should highlight the fact that these quality golf clubs provide a more enjoyable experience every game you play up until the last game you play.

Someone who loves golf, but is getting older in age, will eventually lose their mobility and no longer be able to play, therefore they want to get the best out of every game they play now because they may not know how many games they have left in them.

If you know your golf clubs can help them swing better, enjoy the game more, and feel good playing the game with, then your marketing should take that stance instead of just selling the way it looks or the fact that it is name brand.

When going to plan your next marketing campaign, dive deep into what makes your target audience your target audience.

What struggles must someone be facing, or pain points would someone have, that would draw them to your services/product as an answer?

When you find that answer, you can then think of all the emotions you marketing needs to elicit in order to attract and speak to your target audience.

Then, take those emotions and build your creative marketing strategy by figuring out what will captivate and connect with your audience in order to evoke those emotions.

Emotional and creative communication is vital to your marketing, and ultimately your business growth.


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