Creative Marketing: Where To Begin And How To Be Successful

Hannah Bower
Apr 26, 2017, 10:00:00 AM

Marketing, can it really be considered creative?

Absolutely, if done correctly!

Creative marketing fuses your marketing strategy and creative ideas together for one kick-ass presentation that delivers the right message in the right way.

What Is, And Why Use, Creative Marketing

How you advertise your brand to the world is one of the most important things you will do.

Presenting your business to your target audience is an ever changing and on-going process.


Because you're in the people business!

As a marketer, your goals are focused around the needs of the people you are selling to - the way people think and what they are attracted to is ever changing; therefore, so is your marketing.

Having a strong brand will give your business that extra "wow" factor you and your potential customers are looking for.

Successful creative marketing requires a balance between your creative ideas and basic marketing tools.

Where To Begin

Developing a creative marketing strategy is easiest when broken down into two parts.

Develop your marketing strategy first and then develop your creative strategy around it.

Step 1. Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy should be unique and customized for your business and potential customers.

Use careful research to analyze the goals and needs of your target customers and the goals of your business, then, use the accumulated data to build your marketing strategy.

Keep in mind the primary focus of your marketing strategy is not just to sell your product or service to potential customers, but rather selling the value of your product/service so that it sells itself to potential customers.

People want to engage and buy products and services from the company who presents something of pertinence to them.

This is where the research you have accumulated about your target audience will help you identify the best way to market to them.

Where, what time of day, how often, what forms of content, ect. are all vital questions your research should help you answer in order to form a successful marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy Roadmap

Write down:

1. What sets your company apart from your competitors.

2. What are the benefits of your product/services.

3. Who is your target audience.

4. What is your budget.

5. Where and how will you advertise.

By answering these questions you will make sure your thoughts line up with your company's goals and will help form a plan to achieve them.

Step 2. Creative Strategy

Your creative strategy serves as the blue print for your marketing - how your goals will be met.

It will guide the development of any content, ads, images, ect, to ensure they are on target with your marketing plan.

When developing a creative strategy your focus should be on effective, but attractive, communication.

Creativity is the secret ingredient to ensuring your message and brand are not boring, but extraordinary.

Creative Strategy Roadmap

Write down:

1. What problem are you trying to solve.

2. Who is your target audience.

3. What forms of content will your target audience connect with.

4. How you will incorporate your business's brand into your designs.

5. What is your budget.

6. What will be your call-to-action.

By answering these questions you will ensure that your creative ideas are on track with your marketing plan and goals.

How To Ensure Success?

Don't try to begin your creative marketing without your roadmaps.

Taking time to sit and think, plan, and organize will prove to be more beneficial long-term, rather than blindly jumping in.

"Winging it" will not save you time if your marketing winds up failing, thus causing you to start over.

Set aside time in the beginning to fully form your creative marketing strategy.

Be mindful that not every strategy will be successful.

That is why planning is so important.

If your strategy does fail, then you can go back to the questions you previously answered and see where you need to make some adjustments.


Your creative marketing strategy will let your creative thinking and marketing goals meet in the middle to ensure your message is delivered the right way and in the right time to produce successful sales opportunities.

Marketing strategies without creativity is boring, and creative strategies without the solid marketing tools and "know how" will lack substance and clarity.

Combine the efforts of both strategies into one for better marketing that will not only attract your target audience, but produce quality leads!


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