4 Key Ways Databox Helped Our Small Businesses Grow

Nov 27, 2018 11:00:00 AM

As a small business owner, what are the ways that you decide which marketing efforts to pursue to grow your business?

Is it a gut instinct? Is it spending more time on social media? Or maybe a more direct method like sending out an email blast?

Trying to determine your marketing efforts can be tough, especially if you are actually spending your time, I don't know, running your business.

One year ago, if you asked The PHNX21creative Agency, "What specifically are your current marketing/sales goals?", I'm not sure that we would answer that with confidence. We might say, "Get more people to the website" or "sign up for more of our services".

We might check Google Analytics or pull up a spreadsheet and point at the page that has the most traffic. 

That's when we decided we needed a better way to track, analyze, and understand not only our website data but our marketing efforts.

We partnered with Databox as our go-to for all data reporting to better grow our small business.


How Databox Helped  Our Small Business Grow

1. Databox made data easy to understand

First of all, even if you're not a "techy person" you'll love Databox.

Databox and their databoards make it easy to understand what is going on with your marketing and sales efforts.

Data analytics and data reporting can be tough to understand. Especially if you don't have a background in it.

Here's a shot of Google Analytics:Screenshot of Google Analytics How Databox Helped Our Small Businesses Grow

Again, if you don't have a background in data reporting, you might just skim the different charts and move on. 

Here's the definition of a databoard and a shot below of one populated with Google Analytics:

Screenshot of The PHNX21creative Agency _ Google Analytics How Databox Helped Our Small Businesses Grow

Not only is it the same relevant, useful information, but I have customized and organized all the metrics I want into the data blocks I want to see.

Why is this great for a small business owner?

Because the data used to fuel your marketing should be informative, not intimidating

These databoards save you time and effort on finding out what the next steps are with your business's marketing/sales efforts.

2. Databox Eliminates The Gut Instinct

As a business owner, it sometimes feels like you are taking a shot in the dark with your marketing efforts. What are the first thoughts that you have when you don't know where to go?

How Databox Helped Our Small Businesses Grow

It could be any or all of these things:

  • Post on social media
  • Blast emails out (it's better to create an email marketing strategy and here's why)
  • Launch out advertisements
  • Making a fun competition 
  • Creating giveaways
  • Brainstorm new services or products 

All of these types of content creation efforts are not necessarily bad marketing ideas. They all play different, important roles and have better uses at different times. HubSpot compiled this awesome list of content formats if you need to beef up marketing campaigns:

How Databox Helped Our Small Businesses Grow types of content

But if none of these ideas originated from usable and relevant data, then the odds are it probably won't be successful. 

Maybe one or two will, I don't know. But what happens if that grand idea that was thought up behind a desk that sucked all your marketing dollars ends up failing?

As General Patton once said, "No good decision was ever made in a swivel chair.”

How Databox Helped Our Small Businesses Grow

Data-driven efforts will almost always result in higher success rates of your marketing efforts.

As an example, if your ideal buyer is found typically on Instagram, but you spent thousands on a Pinterest marketing campaign...you're probably not going to see much ROI.

Databox allows small business owners to eliminate some of the guesswork with marketing efforts by using trackable metrics to aim your marketing focus.

When you're able to understand the data more clearly, you are able to better understand the likes/dislikes of your audience.

This means you will have a better idea of how you can meet your audience where they are with your marketing efforts. 

3. These Guys Are Practical (they have an awesome smartphone app)

If you're a small business owner, free time is not a common resource you have at your disposal. 

Most of your business and communication probably makes its way through your smartphone most of the time.

Databox has a very useful smartphone app that saves you time and allows you to check your data on the go.

ecosystem databoard mobile How Databox Helped Our Small Businesses Grow

Some of the features include: (most if not all are used on the desktop version)

  • Viewing all your databoards by simply swiping left or right
  • Set up notifications on your phone on data points that you choose
  • Select which team members have access to which databoards
  • Weekly summaries of different data points that you pick 

This app is really stinking cool for small business owners (pardon the profanity). We highly recommend it to all our clients because it allows them to access their data whenever they want.

It's no more difficult to use than Candy Crush. We promise.

4. Databox Gives You Actionable Steps

What is the use of data if there is no story behind it?

I will often tell our clients that data is subjective to the needs of the marketing efforts. 

Not all metrics or all data points are good/bad for all industries.

An e-commerce site might want to have a shorter average session duration to get more visitors to purchase faster.

A catering company may want to achieve a longer average session duration because their services require a higher level of trust before using their service.

Regardless of what your marketing goals are, you can better understand the actionable steps that need to be made.

So for example, one of our marketing goals last year was to connect with more churches as our clients. We realized that our services often work well with churches and organizations.

So, we created some content to see if we could attract more of this buyer persona.

From our databoards we can see:

Where are people coming from?Screenshot of Databox How Databox Helped Our Small Businesses Grow 


We can see what pages they are visiting the most: Screenshot of The PHNX21creative Agency _ Google Analytics  How Databox Helped Our Small Businesses Grow

I can also see what they are searching for:Screenshot of The PHNX21creative Agency _ Google Analytics How Databox Helped Our Small Businesses Grow

So, this gives us an actionable step to pursue. Makes sense right?

We should create new S.M.A.R.T Goals that align with this marketing campaign and create more helpful content that relates to this topic.

You may be thinking, "I use more than just Google analytics to report my marketing efforts."

Databox integrates with Google Analytics, HubSpot CRM, HubSpot Marketing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Mailchimp, Shopify, and many more.

You can also view all the current integrations that they currently have.

Data analysis is the foundation of business growth. Understanding your data is what matters.

If you can't interpret and create actionable steps from you data reporting, it might be time to consider some new options.

This wasn't us just talking about how cool Databox is.

If you want have any questions about what we've talked about in this blog leave a comment below.

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