How Quality Marketing Services Can Improve Your Business

Hannah Bower
Jun 30, 2017 9:15:00 AM

If marketing is not your niche, it can seem burdensome.

Marketing is so much more than just having a Facebook page and hoping all your friends like it and share it with their friends.

Marketing is a science fused with creativity.

Math and art are both essential in the process of marketing.

Most businesses have the desire to grow - right?

I have never met a business owner who wished to stay small, and make a minimal amount of money.


People to desire to grow their business and increase their revenue - for many different reasons.

Marketing is at the center of growth for most businesses.

If you whole heartedly believe in your product or services and the team you have working with you, but your business isn't growing, the first thing I would suggest is to look at your marketing.

Are you marketing efforts easy to connect with - do they evoke the right emotional response?

1. Are you targeting the right audience?

Who is your target audience?

Let's say you own a daycare service.

In that case, you wouldn't try and sell to middle aged parents with teenage kids or to senior citizens would you?

The right content in the wrong context becomes the wrong content.

So how do you get the right content in front of the right people?


Let's change the scenario now and say you sell candles.

Well, a variety of ages and gender can like candles, so how would you nail down a target audience?

You would start by surveying your existing customers - find out what they look for when searching for candles and what drew them to yours.

Then you would have a basis to go off of that you could adjust along the way as you acquire more and more data.

2. Are you producing content regularly?

The best way to increase your influx of traffic to your website or social media accounts is to consistently produce content.

This may be blogs, graphic designs, videos, podcasts, songs - whatever it may be, produce regularly to increase your chances of being found.

As well, you want your content to be beneficial to your audience.

What are the pain points or the goals of your target audience?

Create content around these questions!

At all times you want to provide value to your target audience to let them know that working with your business would be beneficial to them.

3. Are you tracking the success of your content and posts?

How can you ever grow if you don't know what is working and what is not?

Knowing what connects with your audience and what does not will expose areas in your marketing that need change in order to increase your success.

Measure the amount of interaction your posts get across your accounts - which sites are providing visits and leads, and which ones aren't?

Are there certain posts that received more traffic?

What did you do differently in that post that you did not in another?

These are the kind of things you want to know in order to progress your marketing in the future and to produce better content for your target audience.

So what should you do?

If marketing isn't your niche, how do you go about implementing these things?

This is where outsourcing marketing services comes into play!

When it comes to marketing you cannot just slap some graphics on an advertisement and hope people see it, and there are experts out there who dedicate their time and efforts to learning how to get the right stuff in front of the right people.

View your marketing services agency as your partner.

They're goal is to get you the desired amount of traffic, leads, and customers you want to see each month, quarter, or year.

A quality agency can provide you with results from conducted research about your target audience, content, content calendar, marketing strategies, social media marketing, and monthly analytics of how the marketing efforts are working.

Partnering with an agency that supplies quality marketing services releases the stress off of you, while working to increase the success of your business, and ultimately your revenue!

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