How To Delight Your Customers For Life!

Hannah Bower
Jan 29, 2018 9:15:00 AM

Have you ever experienced buyer's remorse? 

Immediately after purchasing something you walk away and it hits you.

"Should I have bought that?"

"Should I really have spent that money?"

People are always going to experience buyer's remorse.

However, there are tactics you can implement to ensure your customers don't!

Be Transparent and Honest, All The Time

Sometimes buyer's remorse doesn't hit people when they are leaving the store; the buyer's remorse impacts some people when they are on the phone with customer support trying to figure out why their product broke two days after purchasing. 

One way to ensure customers never use your product or services after their initial experience with you or ever recommend your business to any of their friends is to treat them like they don't matter past the sale. 

Don't be sleazy. 

Treat customers the way you want to be treated when you purchase from other businesses. 

Create an atmosphere where customers feel welcome to ask questions and seek out help from your team. 

As well, if a customer comes in seeking help with something they are predicting to be expensive, be honest if it is not.

I got into a wreck about six months ago. 

I swerved to dodge a who zoomed out in front of me and wound up slamming into the curb.

The curb murdered the axle in my car and I was expecting a $2,500 bill. 

However, I took it to a mechanic and after inspection said that they could order the part for cheap and the damaged part would take less manpower and time had it been in a different spot. 

The total cost to fix the axle wound up being $400. 

That was chump change compared to what I thought I was going to spend! 

Now, I didn't get another quote from another mechanic, so I didn't compare prices. 

However, I told the mechanic how much I thought it was going to cost.

He knew I was prepared to spend $2,500 to fix the car.

He could have taken advantage of the situation and told me a much higher price than it was going to cost. 

But he didn't! 

He showed me the price of the part and then charged me for the hours he spent on it.

His transparency to show me the price of the part and fully explain all the fixes he would do and how long it would take him to complete them made me fully trust him.

Now, if I have something even slightly wrong with my car he is the first person I go to.    

What This Means For You

The lifetime value of a customer is far more valuable than a day's revenue. 

Studies show that people are willing to pay more for better service

If you are trying to outdo your competition with lower prices, but don't give quality service, you are actually helping your competition.

People will go to businesses that do not only value their money but them as a person. 

HubSpot states that inbound marketing has a four step methodology. 

The last step of this methodology is delight.

Inbound methodology Delight phase

The more you delight your customers, the better supporters they will be. 

Meaning, the more people they will tell about your business.

And word of mouth marketing is crucial to growing your business. 

What Does Delighting Your Customer Look Like? 

Start by being honest.

Don't be so focused on a transaction that you forget your customers are human beings.

Next, have offers specifically for your existing customers.

Continue to provide value to them once they have purchased.

For example, the place I take my car to get my oil changed offers me a free car wash every time. 

They provide value to me even after they have completed their job and I have already paid for their services. 

Continuing to provide value for your customers sets them up for success. 

When you set customers up for success they have no problem telling everyone about how much they love your business! 

Give them the same treatment you would someone you want to make a purchase.


Delight your customer by being honest.

Tell them if the service you provide isn't right for them or maybe isn't right for them right now.

Tell them everything that would be in fine print otherwise.

Shoot for lifetime value rather than today's value.

Then you will really be ahead of your competition! 

Learn More About Attracting And Delighting Customers With Inbound Marketing  Tactics! 

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