How To Gain More Awareness Through A Marketing Podcast

Hannah Bower
Aug 4, 2017 9:15:00 AM

The best marketing efforts are the ones that focus on providing value for the audience, rather than being salesy and making it all about you.

That's why in every form of content you provide for your target audience you want to inspire and educate them!

Most businesses are utilizing a blog and social media platforms, but that is often the extent of their content offers.

When looking for something else to start engaging with, eBooks and YouTube videos are usually the next option.

All of these things are great!

They help provide information and are engaging to different people utilizing different platforms; however, most people tend to overlook the benefits of starting a podcast.

Podcasts are beneficial to your business in different ways than eBooks and YouTube videos are.

EBooks provide value to your target audience by being easy to access and informative on their topic of interest, but even if when extremely well written, they lack the amount of personality a YouTube video or podcast would provide.

YouTube videos provide benefit by being informative while engaging.

They showcase your personality and are entertaining to your audience by allowing them to put a face to your brand.

However, YouTube is not as easily accessible as podcasts are.

Let me explain why.

In most cases people want to listen to content on the go because they are busy and need to multi-task.

Let's say that is the case, if someone is driving, running, or waiting in line somewhere, they are probably using their mobile device and a set of head phones.

YouTube offers a monthly subscription where are able to download videos to have on the go, but if you are using the free platform, like the majority of us, you know you cannot close your phone or use multiple apps while watching a YouTube video.

This makes multi tasking difficult for someone trying to listen while they grocery shop, pick up their kids, or pump gas.

If you utilize a podcast platform such as Apple Podcasts or PodBean, you enable people to take your content on the go while being able to multi task.

On top of being mobile friendly (in most cases - depending on your phone of choice) podcasts provide the same value as eBooks and YouTube videos by allowing you to showcase your authority in your field and help build trust with your audience.

If you are currently marketing your product or services and you are looking for new ways to engage with your audience through informative and valuable content, try starting a marketing podcast!

Adobe Audition is a great software platform to start with.

The sound quality and production of your podcast can increase and get better as you go, but just for starting you can record straight to your laptop, edit in Adobe Audition, and then post directly to the platform of your choose.

It may be a little bit time consuming, but it will give your fingers a break from producing so many blogs and eBooks, and give you a chance to have a little fun and engage with your audience in a more personal and human way!



 Want an example of a marketing podcast? Check out PHNX21creative Agency's podcast - The Business Rising Podcast - in the iTunes Store now! 

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