Get The Best Out Of Long Tail Keywords

Hannah Bower
Feb 10, 2017 11:30:08 AM

Long-tail keywords are used to help your business refine search terms for their specific web page(s).

As well, it helps potential buyers narrow down their search to their specific need.

Long-tail keywords will narrow down the overall search traffic, but will bring specific, quality traffic.

Resulting in higher conversion rates.


Ranking for long-tail key words is less competitive than ranking for common keywords.

Long-tail keywords may be harder to find in search engines, but the visitors that land on your website are more likely to engage with your products and services.

Because their specific search lined up with your specific offer.

The more specific the key word the better the chance of conversion.

The more long-tail keywords you rank for, the more your search traffic will increase. 

If you do not already utilize software that has keyword ranking tools, there are sites that can help!

Coming Up With Long-Tail Keywords.

Choosing keywords that will have a high success rate doesn't have to be difficult!

To get the best out of long-tail keywords, know the content of your page, or blog, you are trying to drive traffic to, and narrow down exactly what people would search to come across your business. 

A quick tip:

Lets say you want to write a blog about social media engagement.

Go to and begin typing in your blog title in the search engine.

Google (2).jpg


 As you type in your beginning keyword you see Google's suggesstions start popping up.

You can also start getting more specific to narrow down a more specific topic. 

Google (3).jpg


You can also scroll to the bottom of the page, to see more of Google's suggestions. 

social media engagement for businesses - Google Search.jpg


The more descriptive the long-tail keyword the more targeted traffic your page will receive. 

Focusing on long-tail keywords gives you an advantage by allowing you to position yourself as a soluton to someone's problem.

When coming up with long-tail keywords be sure to think about the intent first, and the keyword will follow. 

You want your long-tail keyword to address a specific need of the potential viewer, and provide a definite solution. 

It's all boils down to knowing what questions your potential buyers would ask themselves, and what your businesses answer will be. 


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