How To Know If Your Church Website Needs A Redesign

Hannah Bower
Jul 21, 2017 9:15:00 AM

We live in a generation where people use the internet for everything.

If they have a question, need help making a decision, or want to check something out before actually buying or committing to it, they head to the internet for answers and help!

Have you ever driven past a restaurant and been skeptical about whether you wanted to check it out or not?

What would you do?

You could ask around to see if anyone close to you had been, but the easiest thing to do is to google the restaurant, read reviews, see if they have the menu posted, and check out the prices.

Believe it or not, people are the same way with churches!

It's extremely common for people to google churches in their area and decide which one they want to visit based on what they see on the church's website.

So here's my question, would people want to go to your church based on your current website?

Here's a couple questions to ask yourself to help you honestly answer this question.

1. How Many Of Your Visitors Said They Heard About Your Church Through The Internet?

This is the best way to gauge whether your website is providing any value to your church or not.

Are you asking visitors how they found heard about your church?

If not, you may consider doing so...but that's another talk for another time!

My home church is not a massive one, but we once we partnered with an outside agency to recreate our website - PHNX21creative Agency - we saw an influx of new visitors come in that all said they decided to visit our church because of our website.

You may say this doesn't matter to you because you aren't into "marketing" your church.

While having a decent website may be a part of marketing, it more so gives you a chance to showcase what a service looks like at your church, what beliefs you hold, your vision and mission statement, what you offer, and what people can expect from your church in a way that will help draw people in.

I mean, it is about numbers isn't it?

Not in a sense that you want to fill up your pews or chairs to make yourself feel better, but you want to pack the pews because that means more and more people are getting saved and have found a place where they want to worship God along side you.

You can't heavily relying on your congregation inviting their neighbors anymore.

A majority of the world's communication is done through the internet - mostly social media.

This means you should have links, pictures, videos, or anything digital that people can send out on their social platforms or through email to promote and invite people to your church.

However, you want to make sure that what your promoting has a good home base - you want to point people back to something great, like a good website.

As well, you should link up with something like Google Analytics to see how many people are viewing your website each month, how long they are staying on your website, or if they are engaging with content or other pages on your site.

This will give you accurate data about the performance of your website.

If nobody is converting through it, I would look at who you are trying to connect with, and then look at your website and ask yourself what you need to change in order to attract those people.

2. Does Your Website Conform To Fit Mobile Devices?

If your website is not mobile friendly you are missing out on a ton of potential visitors.

Most websites today are set up with software that enables them to being easily accessible and easy to navigate on any mobile device.

Why is this important?

Because have their smart phone on them more than they do a computer.

You can google things while in the drive thru at a fast food joint, while you're pumping gas, laying in bed at night, or in the lobby at your doctor's office.

You want your website to be easily accessible to all that potential traffic.

If your current website does not currently adjust to a mobile device, you need a resign.

3. Are You Still Using Churchy Jargon?

What do I mean by still?

Well, a couple decades ago, it was OK for churches to use terms such as "washed in the blood of the lamb."

And while, yes, we are, that does not always make sense to people who have not grown up in church.

If you are trying to reach out and see people saved, you may need to update your lingo with words and phrases people not yet saved and in church can understand!

If people are confused by your text it may push them away, rather than attract them to your church.

4. Do You Have A Space For People To Easily Ask Questions?

Throwing an email up on your site is not enough.

You can't rely on people taking an extra step to get information from you - they should not have to take your email address, go to their inbox and type out their questions or comments to send you.

You should have all information readily available, and then an easy to navigate question form to fill out directly on your page.

Whether this be something like Drift for easy communication, or again, a pre-made question box on your site that they can just fill out and hit submit.

People like to ask questions.

They want to know the ins and outs before they commit to something.

If your website does not give people a way to contact you then there is a likely chance that some people will not attend your church.

A Phone number does not count.

Yes, some people may call and ask questions, but a majority will not.

Phone calls are becoming less and less common.

Email, text, and chat boxes are the preferred way of communication.

Make it easy for people to contact you and get the information from you that they want, and they will more likely visit your church than if they did not get the answers they desired from you.


Have a high functioning, good looking, easy to navigate, and well thought out website.

If you want to grow your church, you have to grow with the times.

People are finding and choosing their churches on the internet more than ever before.

Making it easy for people to find your church on the internet provides a higher chance of them visiting, getting saved, and becoming a member of your church!


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