How To Understand And Connect With Your Target Audience

Hannah Bower
Mar 31, 2017, 10:07:38 AM

When it comes to content marketing, your greatest tool is knowing who to create the content for - your target audience.

Creating general content, whether it is great or not, can attract a variety of people, but does not secure their interest in buying your product or services.

You want your content to be aimed at the audience that generate the most qualified leads.

How Do You Define Your Target Audience?

There are a couple different methods to go about narrowing down and defining your ideal target audience.

  • Conduct current customer surveys to gain insight on demographics, gender, struggles within their business roles, ect.
  • Check out software such as Google Analytics or even Facebook Insights.
  • Monitor your social activity and current content.

Once you get a general idea of who interacts with your business, you then need to find out their struggles, concerns, and goals.

What keeps them up at night?

What motivates them?

These are important before you can start cranking out content that will relate and be beneficial to them.

How Do You Create Relevant Content?

There are a couple questions you can ask yourself when creating content that will connect with your target audience.

  • What problem does your business's product or services answer for other businesses?
  • Who are your current customers?
  • What competitors are in your area of expertise?

1. Why Does Your Product Or Service Exist?

Being confident in what your business has to offer, and how it benefits others, will help you narrow down what content to write and who will glean the most useful information from it.

Keep your content related to your business's purpose.

Avoid writing content that does pertain to that purpose just to have more content.

You want to focus on attracting quality leads, not just a million visitors that never engage further with your business.

Focus on your target audience, and your content will be focused.

2. Who Are You Currently Working With?

Take a look at the current customers you business works with.

From there you can segment out the different demographics, locations, budget, and needs.

This will help you narrow down your different audiences, and how best to target each segment.

3. Know The Competitors.

If you do not already know off the bat who and where your competition comes from, do a quick search on Google or different social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ect.

Try searching keywords that are related to your business's products and services to gain some insight on what other businesses are tied to the same keywords.

Understanding your competition will help you know how to uniquely market your content to your target audience, and express what they will gain that is different than what they would gain from the competitors.


Take the time to research who your target audience is.

It may be time consuming up front, but in the long run will be more beneficial for your business.

Once you have the understanding of who your idea audience is and what they struggle with, you can then begin to create content and offers that they will connect and benefit from.

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