How To Write and Produce Content That Converts

Hannah Bower
Nov 17, 2017 9:15:00 AM

It's no secret that content marketing is one of the top weapons used in marketing today.

In fact, studies show that 93% of B2B companies are using content marketing.

Content is a great tool to use to attract, convert, close, and delight your potential and existing customers when used correctly.

When creating content you there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Don't Just Make Content To Make Content.

The ultimate goal behind content creation is producing information that is useful and beneficial for your business's target audience.

Identifying with your target audience, their struggles, interests, and goals is essential.

Take the time to know your target audience, and then produce content around that knowledge, but also for the different phases of the buyer's journey (awareness, consideration, and decision) that they are in.

Here are some examples of content to produce in the different stages:

  • Awareness - At this point, a buyer is in what is referred to as "top of the funnel". Simply put, they have a question or a problem and they are looking for an answer, or someone who can give them an answer and relieve their problem. They start searching for educational content that can help them find a solution. Educational content can be things like blogs, eBooks, infographics, books, ect. If a buyer connects with your content and finds it useful than it is likely that they journey further into the process and become a qualified lead. Writing content such as: how-to's, tips for, list posts, ect. are great ways to attract potential customers that need answers to their problem.


  • Consideration - Moving into the middle of the funnel means that someone is interested in what you have to say, and as the pressure of making a decision to purchase is creeping up on them, you have made it into their consideration. This is where you can begin to talk about why your solutions and services are a great fit for someone in their shoes. In this stage you want to write content such as: 5 reasons to choose an agency, 5 reasons to purchase, ect.


  • Decision - The bottom of the funnel means that your potential customer has decided to purchase. If the customer is ready to purchase, you want to sell them on why they should purchase from your business specifically. This is where you can write content and use a great call-to-action that will make them more likely to make a purchase decision. Content for this stage could talk about your specific services, have testimonials in the content, and then have a call-to-action such as a free consultation or 30-Day Trial.

2. Teach, Don't Sell!

You want your content to attract leads, not drive them away.

When writing, keep your content focused on educating the reader in an area they are interested or need help in, especially in your awareness and consideration stage content.

Let your goal be to inform your readers on how to solve their problems and who they can turn to for help.

Focus on helping solve the readers problems, and then point them in the right direction.

Part of teaching and making sure your potential clients are clear on what you are saying and receiving value, is to make sure you don't follow rabbit trails!

Your content should have a clear and concise direction in which it is going for every stage of the buyer's journey.

What is your main point?

What are you trying to inform your readers about?

The intention behind your content should not be a mystery to your readers.

If you have multiple side points, try writing a separate article or offer, and then link it in with your original post.

Then, if the reader is interested in the extra information they can then follow the link to it.

3. Know Your Audience.

You may be thinking "how do I identify what to write for my target audience for each stage of the buyer's journey?"

If you do not have a solid grasp on who your buyers are, the best place to start is through current client research.

You can conduct research by having current clients fill out surveys and answer questions that will enable you to find common trends amongst data and ultimately give you a more intimate understanding of who your buyers are.

Here are couple of questions to ask current clients to help you figure out their thought processes during each stage of the buyer's journey:


  1. What are the buyer's goals and challenges?
  2. How do the buyer's currently, or how have they in the past, educated themselves on regarding their challenges?
  3. What are their pain points - what difficulties will they face if they do not purchase?
  4. What made the buyer decide their challenge was worth solving?


  1. What are the different categories of solutions that your buyer looks into?
  2. How do the buyer's decide with category or solution is right for them?
  3. How do they weigh the pros and cons of each category of solution?


  1. What did the buyer like about your business compared to your competitors?
  2. Do/did they have any concerns or different wishes with your product/services?

Having your current clients answer these questions will give you a firmer idea of who your potential clients are going to be and trends to look for.


Writing content for each stage of the buyer's journey will increase your chances of converting visitors into leads and closing those leads into customers!  

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