How To Write Content For The 3 Phases Of The Buyer's Journey

Hannah Bower
Jan 12, 2018 9:05:00 AM

According to HubSpot, potential clients go through three major phases before making a final purchase. Each phase of the buyer's journey speaks to the different thought processes of the potential buyer.

This means that the content you produce on your website, blog, etc. needs to provide value to your potential customer in each phase of their buying journey.

The three phases of the buyer's journey are awareness, consideration, and decision.

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In the awareness phase, the potential buyer realizes they have a problem.

However, they may not have a name for it just yet.

The potential buyer will begin researching topics around their questions in hopes of finding solutions.

They are looking for content that speaks directly to their pain points.

This is an opportunity for your company to write content that shows empathy.

Write content that speaks to their pain points while showing your authority in that field.

If you own a broom company, you want to write about problems that brooms solve.

For example, you could write, "10 ways to keep your kitchen floors cleaner than ever".

The best formats of content in this stage are blogs, eBooks, or white papers.

In the awareness stage, it is best not to try to sell your company.

Don't automatically throw an offer in their face.

Your content should show your authority on a subject and provide value to the potential client.


In the consideration stage, the potential buyer has clearly defined their problem.

Now, they are now focusing on finding the best solution.

Even after reading your content, they customer may not be ready to make a purchase.

They are likely still weighing their different options.

In this stage, you should write longer, more in-depth content.

Content that will still be informative and show your authority.

Producing things like videos, or even podcasts gives you an opportunity to interact with your potential buyer.

They show your authority in a different and more engaging way.

Case studies and expert guides are also great opportunities for longer authoritative content.


Content in this stage should highlight your specific services and your business's solution for them.

Create content that provides the valuable steps your company will take to solve their problem.

Use this opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition.

How is your business's solution different from the business down the street?

Case studies, testimonials, and product/service reviews are great pieces of content for your potential buyers at this stage.

They want to know your success in solving other people's similar problems.

As well, they want to know what other people thought about working with your business.


Don't stop creating content once your client has made a purchase.

You can still produce content that provides value for them post-sale.

Create things like surveys, product/service focused articles, or best practices articles.

These pieces of content will show that you care about your customer's success.

Even after their initial or only purchase!

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