My 60 Day Journey With A Creative Agency

Hannah Bower
Mar 3, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Inbound marketing.

A word I was not entirely familiar with 60 days ago.

However, it is now a word I'm not only defining, but I find myself promoting to most people around me!

I started my new position as a Jr. Inbound Marketing Consultant with The PHNX21creative Agency 6o days ago.

I walked in nervous, feeling overwhelmed, and not entirely sure what all to expect.

But by taking a day by day approach, I have made it two months in, and want to highlight some key things I've learned and taken away from my experience so far.

1. Art Is More Than Paint On A Canvas.

When you think about art, websites, inbound marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), blogging, and CTAs (calls-to-action) are probably not the first things that come to mind.

They were not the first things that came to my mind a couple months ago.

However, going behind the scenes and seeing the sweat, vision, work, and creativity that goes into designing and understanding these things, I realized I had had a prejudice view of what art was.

Creating a website that is unique to a certain customer, that captures their vision, who they are, and what they do, takes an enormous amount of creativity.

Then taking that website, knowing how to advertise and market it in order to see results for the business owner, and be found in search engines, takes a creativity that most people don't recognize.

Just creating a website is not enough.

A website needs to function properly, be catchy but not tacky, be informative, be engaging, and be optimized correctly in order to attract people to it, instead of being hidden among thousands of other websites.

2. There's A Complete Underground World To Marketing.

No, I don't mean all the marketers meet up and have a fight club, where we get all our stress out by hammering our fists into each other.

Besides, even if we did...I wouldn't be able to tell you about it.

First rule of marketing fight club.

So, what do I mean by a complete underground world?

Marketing and advertisement is so much more than prints on billboards, newspaper, and TV ads.

The online ranking for your website in a search engine comes down to marketing.

Blogging, enticing you to push a button, even podcasts are all versions of marketing.

I don't know about you, but I personally resort to the internet as an answer for a majority of my questions and problems.

Now, whenever I type a question into a search engine, like Google, I think about the work that has been put in behind the scenes of these sites, all fighting to answer my question, to be found on the first page.

3. Inbound Marketing Is The Bees Knees.

We live in a generation and society that is not only obsessed with googling everything, but also thoroughly active on multiple social media accounts daily.

If you are trying to market a product or service you have, why wouldn't you target the biggest crowd?

Inbound marketing is focused around drawing the online audience to a business's products and services, instead of having the business run and chase down their customers.

Inbound marketing enables businesses to reach their marketing goals, 24/7, while not even being present.

Say you write a blog, optimize it, and share it.

You can go to bed, and that blog is still circling the web, catching reader's attention, and drawing them back to your site.

Cool right?!

4. It Is Only A Failure If You Don't Learn From It.

Whether inbound marketing strategies and efforts, or walking into a new position with a job, never take a failure as a projection of who you are a person.

There will be many bumps in the road of life, but choosing to continue and choosing to learn from them, will stretch you and cause you to grow more than doing everything perfect would enable you to.

Everyone fails, but not everyone chooses to carry on.

Don't let failure or fear cause you to quit.

Push on, and keep rising!


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