Net Neutrality Update: Senate Reinstates Net Neutrality But House Remains

May 17, 2018 3:30:00 PM

This past week, the Senate reinstated the repealed Net Neutrality rules! Blog readers skimming articles rejoice everywhere!

But what does this actually mean for you, the internet consumer?

Usually, we focus on more "business growth, SEO, and content focused articles, but with the recent events surrounding Net Neutrality, we here at PHNX21creative want to help clarify what's going on with all of this.

Because we care...and also an open, free internet is what helps us do our jobs.

The Story So Far

Net Neutrality Google Internet

In our previous blog, How Will Net Neutrality Affect Your Business, we covered that Net Neutrality, enacted by the Obama Administration, kept internet speed and cost constant across the internet.

It keeps all content equal in performance and accessibility for the user, which, honestly, most users were not aware of.

However, many Republicans seek to repeal the act in order to allow internet providers to charge for preferential speeds and to slow their competitors' sites.


While this may seem like a classic Republican vs. Democrat spat, this disagreement extends far beyond the walls of Capitol Hill.

It affects company growth, online networking, entrepreneur success, and, by extension, the paychecks of many business owners across the U.S.

What Just Happened

Net Neutrality Update: Senate Reinstates Net Neutrality But House Remains

This week, Senate has passed a bill reinstating Net Neutrality, and while there is still a long way to go, this recent victory has spurred hope in the 83% of voters supporting Net Neutrality's implementation.

The Democratic Party, holding to the promises of the Obama Admin., seeks to reinforce a free web, but trouble may come from the Republican-controlled House.

The bill will have to gain approval from a House that doesn't want a government-policed internet, and the chances of that happening hang on House and Senate Minority Leaders (Pelosi and Schumer) convincing speaker Ryan to bring the bill to the house at all.

While it's easier said than done, there is a large movement across the US to assist the efforts made to aid in re-freeing the web.

In order to pass the bill through the Senate, three Republican Senators, Collins (Maine), Murkowski (Alaska), and Kennedy (Louisiana), crossed the aisle and sided with the Democrats.

Net Neutrality Infographic Tweaked


Of the 75% of Republican citizens that voted for reinstating Net Neutrality, 49% of the Republican Senators voted against reinstating the act.

Of the 89% of Democratic citizens for reinstating Net Neutrality 52% of their Senators voted to reinstate it as well.

What's To Come

In line with the majority of voters in America, Democrats desperately fight for a neutral internet. 

However, it cannot be done alone. At least 25 Republicans in the House are needed to send the bill for presidential approval, which will be much more difficult to achieve.

"As a result of today’s misguided action, our broadband providers will get extraordinary new power from this agency...[Providers] will have the power to block websites, throttle services and censor online content. [Providers] will have the right to discriminate and favor the internet traffic of those companies with whom they have pay-for-play arrangements and the right to consign all others to a slow and bumpy road.” - Democratic Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel 

The bill's journey is just passing through the eye of the storm, and there is much debate and work to be done in order to ensure the freedom of the web. 

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