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How To Write Content For The 3 Phases Of The Buyer's Journey

by Hannah Bower

According to HubSpot, potential clients go through three major phases before making a final purchase. Each phase of the buyer's journey speaks to the different thought processes of the potential buyer.

This means that the content you produce on your website, blog, etc. needs to provide value to your potential customer in each phase of their buying journey.

The Business Rising Podcast Ep. 13 | How To Discover If You Are An Entrepreneur

by Hannah Bower



How Will Net Neutrality Affect Your Business?

by Hannah Bower

Net Neutrality is a hot topic at the moment, and with good reason.

The recent decision, proposed by Ajit Pai, to repeal Net Neutrality laws has caused a serious uproar among 83% of the nation's internet users who voted against the repeal.

5 Free Tips That Will Help You Grow Your Church In 2018!

by Hannah Bower

There are two type of churches around the holiday season.

Churches whose numbers increase and those whose decrease.

Spikes in attendance can be related to people inviting family to holiday services/performances or people searching for help during such a prominent time of year.

Successful Inbound Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

by Hannah Bower

It's kind of a no brainer these days that every business needs a marketing strategy.

For some businesses that may be outsourcing (paying another company to take care of their marketing efforts), but for others, especially small or starter businesses whose marketing budget may be limiting, your marketing strategy rely's on your own efforts...and that can sometimes be overwhelming.

How To Use Instagram For Your Business

by Hannah Bower

With it's many new features, Instagram has dominated the social world.

Although Facebook easily takes the lead with the amount of people using the platform, Instagram has become one of the most used and frequently checked apps.

It is easy to see why so many businesses have started taking advantage of this app's amount of traffic.

How To Write and Produce Content That Converts

by Hannah Bower

It's no secret that content marketing is one of the top weapons used in marketing today.

In fact, studies show that 93% of B2B companies are using content marketing.

What Motivates You As A Writer?

by Hannah Bower

Whether you're a full time online writer or you blog for pure enjoyment you have a unique why that motivates every word you form on digital paper.

Sometimes recognizing that why can be difficult for a number of different reasons, but nonetheless, it is still there.

Online Marketing Tools That Will Make Your Start Up Successful

by Hannah Bower

When it comes to business, in this day and age, you cannot afford to ignore the internet.

If you want to achieve your goals and see your business grow, it’s vital to understand the importance of online marketing and have a sound strategy in place.

PHNX21creative Agency Is Now Partnered With Seventh Sense!

by Hannah Bower

The PHNX21creative Agency is proud, and honored, to announce our new partnership with The Seventh Sense!

(Check out our interview with Founder Mike Donnelly)

Seventh Sense is a data and AI software designed to help businesses improve their sales and marketing.


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