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by Hannah Bower on November 2, 2017

PHNX21creative Agency Is Now Partnered With Seventh Sense!

The PHNX21creative Agency is proud, and honored, to announce our new partnership with The Seventh Sense!

(Check out our interview with Founder Mike Donnelly)

Seventh Sense is a data and AI software designed to help businesses improve their sales and marketing.

They do so in many different ways.

Some of the awesome features Seventh Sense offers is:

  • Data collection and cleansing
  • Data analysis and predictive engine
  • The ability to integrate into your daily work

They integrate with software such as:

Untitled design (10)

To do what they do, they use software such as:


Untitled design (11)

With this software they can collect data from your sources, analyze it, and then provide you with the best predictions that will help improve your business.

For example, they can give you data on the best times to email your individual clients for a better chance of rapid response from and interaction with that client.

What does this mean for The PHNX21creative Agency?

When you partner with our agency for web care, web design, graphic design, or marketing strategies and services, we can now help integrate Seventh Sense software into your business, and get you set up will better data, analysis, and predictions.

"We couldn't be more excited to partner with Kenny and the team at PHNX21 Creative. The amount of content available in today's digital world makes attention for mindshare incredibly difficult. This is where the PHNX21 team shines by not only creating incredible content for their clients, but also being an early adopter of technology that delivers real results."
Mike Donnelly
CEO & Co-Founder of Seventh Sense 

Want to see what The PHNX21creative Agency and The Seventh Sense can do to help your business be more efficient and productive? Click the link below!  



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