Progress Over Change: How To Be Innovative

Hannah Bower
May 3, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Have you ever watched the late night infomercials on television?

I don't know about you, but half of the products they advertise are things I have either thought of before, or was already doing something similar!

I usually walk away from the T.V. fuming because I was clearly a genius - people just kept beating me to the punch.

Then I will sit there for hours, or even a few days, going over in my head all the weird or abnormal things I do, and try to figure out if they have already been patented or not.

Most people have this mindset when it comes to business as well.

We look at people who have "made it big time" based off some principles they implemented into their work early on and are now coaching others to do the same and think - "Ok, what principle, product, ect. can I think of that people will love?"

We try so hard to invent something new, when really it's not necessarily new stuff that people need, but rather a different form of something familiar that is made completely different.

What Do I Mean Innovate?

Simply put, to innovate is to take something that is already established - ideas, methods, or products, and make them different.

When you stop and think "what could I innovate" rather than "what can I invent", you open up a world of new possibilities.

Consider a trade you have or a product you use - can you take the original idea, and change it to fit a more specific need, people group, or even add more features to it?

Why Should We Innovate?

People do not necessarily always like change.

In some cases, people who have been using a product or a service for a period of time will not switch to something new - even if it was technically "better" than what they were using - simply because they have their routine.

But let's say you take a product or service someone is already using, and rather than creating something completely new, you simply adjust some features.

In that case, you would have taken something that is familiar to somebody and simply increased the value of it.

This is what I mean by "progress over change".

How To Be Innovative

You may be thinking: "Ok, but what about technology and gadgets these days."

Yeah, most gadgets sell like hot cakes.

We do have that taste for new and shiny things, but if you think about, most technology is an innovation of a gadget that came before.

When Jony Ive talked about making the Apple Watch he stated that his goal was to build “the strangely familiar.”

Watches were already invented.

Apple took the idea of a watch, and added a ton of kick-ass features that they knew people would love, benefit from, and enjoy.

Same with televisions, computers, and phones.

They were invented but have continued to progress because people are taking the original idea and adding features to raise the value of them.

Think about this in terms of your business.

Take marketing for example.

What marketing road map have you been following thus far?

What changes could you make in your marketing to be more successful?

Could other people benefit from those changes as well?

Start thinking.

Be creative, and innovative.

And whatever you do that works, turn around and share it. 

Teach it others, so that they can benefit as well.


Innovating, rather than inventing, with not other save you time, but will have a higher success rate. 

So get started.

But keep in mind, the most important thing about innovating, is not being afraid to fail, but rather learning from your failures, and trying again.

You don't have to be the next big thing that came out of nowhere.

If you have an idea on how to make a product or service better, do it, and then show the value of your change to those around you.

Then bam, you're an innovator. 


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