The Business Rising Podcast Ep. 12 | Artificial Intelligence and The Future Of Sales

Hannah Bower
Oct 31, 2017 9:50:00 AM


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Welcome to The Business Rising Podcast! We provide education, inspiration, and application for busy business leaders. Today we interview Mike from The Seventh Sense discusses how The Seventh Sense uses artificial intelligence to help people.

Show Notes:

Today we are interviewing Mike from The Seventh Sense.

Mike graduated college and started his career as a software engineer and then eventually made a jump to sales.

He was in enterprise technology sales for thirteen years - primarily around start up businesses.

Through his sales journey, he found that communication with his clients were getting more difficult and more difficult as time went on.

He found that clients were not responding to his emails and when he would inquire about them clients would claim to have never seen or received them.

Through surveying some of his clients he found that some, especially if they had decision making authority, they could receive an upwards of three hundred emails a day.

This obviously makes contacting a client very difficult!

Mike began to pay close attention to his individual customers and on his own figured when the best time of day was to contact them if he wanted to ensure he received a response.

With the acquired knowledge he would write his emails and then schedule them to go out when he knew the client would be more likely to see them.

Because of this system he had going, he decided to build a prototype based on the communication history he had in his database with clients and was able to illuminate response patterns with individual clients.

This is also known as artificial intelligence.

Mike found that using the artificial intelligence to find the best time to reach out to clients, he had better communication and sales opportunities than he had previously.

The Seventh Sense partnered with HubSpot to have an integration tool for each HubSpot customer that allows them to find the optimal time to reach out to their clients, whether it be by email or phone.

They also use their artificial intelligence to not only give you the best send time for emails, but the cadence as well.

Some customers may want to hear from you once a week, or they might be more engaged if they hear from you once a month.

Mike also began developing more automated tools for people on the marketing side, rather than sales side - such as automated persona development.

Artificial intelligence has caused businesses to progress more and more every year as we invent and come up with new and improved ways to automate things for faster results; however, it will never replace human interaction and human sales.

Artificial intelligence was never meant to replace humans, but rather assist them in their method and talent in sales.

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