The Business Rising Podcast Ep. 13 | How To Discover If You Are An Entrepreneur

Hannah Bower
Jan 3, 2018 9:10:00 AM



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Welcome to The Business Rising Podcast! We provide education, inspiration, and application for busy business leaders. Today we are talking about the signs to look for that would suggest you have the entrepreneur bone in your body!

Show Notes: 

In this episode Kenny shares his story of becoming an entrepreneur and a little bit about what the journey has entailed so far.

Believe it or not, becoming an entrepreneur was never his dream, nor did he consider himself to be one - so you can imagine owning and running his own business has been a complete whirlwind.

Kenny gets into his story by talking a bit about his childhood, college experience, and previous business/job experiences that all led to where he is now.

From the beginning, being a business man didn't sit well with him.

He used to equate business with his dad, to whom he considered himself to be very opposite of in terms of thought patterns, characteristics, goals, and strong points.

Being a business owner now, whose main vein is sales and customer service, is completely off from his original idea and dreams.

Unlike most business owners or entrepreneurs he didn't start his business because of a grand idea or a passion, he started the business out of a need for survival.

Before he started The PHNX21creative Agency, he has for the first time in ten years been let go from a job twice, and found himself in desperate need of a way to pay bills and put food on the table for his family of five.

Even though the company was started out of need, he always had an interest in building websites, and starting the business gave him a chance to cultivate that interest.

He built his first website when he was eight years old with his friend as a tool they could use to talk about wrestling on.

When he worked in the recruiting office for University of Texas of Tyler, he began writing in house emails that eventually led to where he wrote tips about leadership and more.

These smaller instances where the catalyst to him building a website for his first client that started The PHNX21creative Agency.

He started with a Mac Air Book on a television tray in his parents home to a company that has two full time employees and one part time employee in an office of his own.

Tips for people wanting to be an entrepreneur:

Are you constantly frustrated with not being able to chase a vision because of the position you are in at the time?

It may be time to branch out and start your own business!

You may be a creator or an innovator, but either way you have to start somewhere.

"If I would have waited to start the business until I knew what I knew now, I would have never started. 90% of the stuff I have learned has been through doing things along the way." | Kenny Lange

Start where you are with what you have.

Growth and wisdom comes with experience, not strictly through books and other people's experiences.

If you do branch out and start something, make sure you have people around you.

Kenny attributes a lot of his success in the first year to the Advisory Board he set up from the beginning.

He chose a handful of people who he trusted that were in different areas of life and worked in different areas than he did that he would bounce ideas off of for 100% honest feedback and advice.

Have people who can tell you when your ideas suck, but also encourage you when you are on the right track.

Honest feedback is essential to business growth.

You have to be prepared to work hard.

You can't sit on your butt and work four hours a day and expect to build anything.

Have a sense on where you need to spend your time and apply focused effort.

What are some hard signs that someone is an entrepreneur:

  • Do you have any sales aptitudes or tendencies?
  • Are you often an early adopter of things that come out?
  • Have you pioneered a group, pioneer, ect. from the ground up?
  • Do you constantly think about how you could better do things in your current position?
  • Do you have a love of or passion for something that you think about when you wake up and before you go to bed?

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