The Business Rising Podcast Ep. 14 With Ruben Watson | How To Get Sh*t Done When Your Hair Is On Fire

Hannah Bower
Apr 5, 2018 7:00:00 AM


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Welcome to The Business Rising Podcast! We provide education, inspiration, and application for busy business leaders. Today we interview Ruben Watson, the inventor, creator, and genius behind The Manager's Journal!


Show Notes: 

Ruben starts the show out by sharing his experience of majoring in Construction Science and minoring in Business Management at Texas A&M where he was also a member of the Corps of Cadets & Aggie Band. 

His family has run a plumbing company for 30 years, which he now runs, and is where he originally found his passion for business management and construction related business stemmed from.  

Ruben shares his experience of working with Harvey Builders in Houston, Texas., which he describes as "his first experience going mock Jesus with his hair on fire." 

Talk about hustle, am I right? 

While working for Harvey, Ruben found himself waking up at 3 am and working until 6 or 7 pm. 

Everyday he would wake up and seemingly have more on his plate than he did the day before partnered with distractions and interruptions throughout the day. 

The Manager's Journal stemmed from his own need as a project manager wanting to control his substantial work load and achieve his ideal lifestyle. 

Which is the goal and mission of The Manager's Journal for every project manager, business owner, etc. 

Today business leaders find themselves spread out across multiple different compartments in the business as well as needing to interact with people internally and externally. 

The amount of distractions have gone up over the past few years.

What used to just be emails and calls are now constant text messages, LinkedIn notifications, Facebook Messenger, etc. 

There is definitely no shortage of distractions for busy business leaders, and if you do not have a way to prioritize what you are doing or to help you stay on task, more and more will start piling up on your plate and you'll find yourself constantly having to put out fires. 

How Does The System of The Manager's Journal Work? 

The Manager's Journal follows the system that was created by President Eisenhower - the Urgent/Important Principle. 

Which is similar to the grid that Stephen Covey lays out in his book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People". 

However, rather than having four quadrants, where two of them are non-urgent and non-important, The Manager's Journal only includes the first quadrants: important and urgent. 

Things may be urgent but not important. 

For example, conversations that can be handled over the phone rather than in person or things that maybe you don't necessarily have to take care of yourself but can delegate to someone on your team. 

As requests come in you should first think "can I eliminate this?"

If you cannot eliminate it, ask yourself "can I automate it or delegate it?"

First, focus on things that are urgent and important. 

Things that only you can do and that if they are not done in a certain amount of time there will be repercussions for. 

Second, focus on things that are important. 

Things that if you neglect will eventually hurt you or your organization.

Results That The Manager's Journal Has Produced

The Manager's Journal does not eliminate fires. 

Fires are inevitable. 

However, having daily tasks written down allows you to have a place to come back to rather than just moving from fire to fire. 

Also, the benefit of the consistency of writing is that it teaches your brain to process things in a linear fashion.

You begin to see things as cause and effect, which builds your ability to reason with logic and not just emotion.

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