by Hannah Bower on August 2, 2017

The Business Rising Podcast Ep. 8 | Why You Should Care More About Who You Hire Than What They Can Do


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Welcome to The Business Rising Podcast! We provide education, inspiration, and application for busy business leaders. Today we talk about hiring and why you should pay more attention to who someone is, rather than all the accomplishments they have on their resume. Care more about who they are becoming, than what they can do for you at the moment. 



Show Notes:

"Care more about who people are becoming than what they are doing" - Perry Noble

Ask yourself, do you view people more as "human doings" or "human beings"?

Are you more focused on the tasks completed and what your team member is doing for you, than who they are as a person?

You should value the exchange of a team members time and ability for a wage, just as you should value an exchange of goods and services for a commission with clients, but don't be so wrapped up in the transaction of these things that you forget the relational and human aspect.

It is far more rewarding to take a "life-time view" of a person.

This may seem difficult to do if you are not able to aptly read people when you go into the hiring process.

If you are a high self-aware, you will be more likely to read other people and not put as much focus into their resume.

This does not mean you discount experiences.

Experiences influence and shape people.

However, someone's experience and success at one job does not automatically secure success and a good fit within your company.

Pay attention to how people talk.

What do they say about themselves, and other people they have worked with?

Do they have a vision for their future, or they looking for a place to just "punch a clock"?

If you feel like you cannot accurately read people, get others from your team involved in the hiring process.

Ask their opinion and input on the people applying.

If you have no one else to be involved in your hiring process, and you lack the ability to read people, make your hiring process longer.

You add another meeting and ask more questions so that you get better chances are seeing who someone is and how dedicated they are to working with your company.

It is better to hire for fit, and then teach the skills.

Hiring someone who may lack some of the necessary skills at first, but has drive, vision, and over all positive attitude will far outweigh someone who has skills, but is lazy, only working for your company until the next best thing comes around, and does not work well with your other team members.

It goes back to having a life-time value approach.

Spending 5 months training someone who is more likely to spend 5, 10, or more years with your company is more beneficial than spending two weeks on someone who will stay with you for a max of 12 to 24 months.

Don't just fill a seat or a need in your office.

Really look for and hire someone who can bring value to your company.

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