by Hannah Bower on August 9, 2017

The Business Rising Podcast Ep. 9 | Success, Wealth, and Happiness


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Welcome to The Business Rising Podcast! We provide education, inspiration, and application for busy business leaders. Today we talk about the effects of success and how it determines our happiness. 




Show Notes:

The recent tragedy of Linkin Park's lead singer, Chester Bennington, committing suicide, has brought up the topic "what are our views on success, wealth, and happiness, and how do they influence our lives?"

There is a high rate of suicide in the early entrepreneurship sphere because of the pressure people are placed under, whether by themselves or someone else.

All the pressure makes people feel like when they don't meet all their deadlines or goals they are a complete failure and will never succeed.

Our founder, Kenny Lange - a complete Linkin Park fanatic - brings into question: how do we measure success?

If success is solely based off monetary gain, then why is there so much depression amongst million dollar business owners, or celebrities?

If money was enough to define success and our happiness, then what was Chester Bennington trying to escape?

He surely had more than enough means to last him his lifetime, and then some.

Or do you define success by the amount of people approve of who you are as a person?

Do you keep toll of how many friends you made or followers you got on social media every day?

Maybe it's a title in your job.

Maybe if you had exec in front of your name instead of intern, you would feel better about yourself.

What happens when exec isn't enough anymore, and you want founder or owner in front of your name - does that mean you are less than a person right now because your title is only exec?

Are we happy because we are successful, or are we happy and that fuels our success?

Can you be happy outside of your achievements?

Being goal oriented is not bad, but you have to understand where to place the "drivers" inside of you, and make sure they are in the right order.

Learn to define success for yourself.

If your idea of success is more family time, and that brings your more happiness than working more hours for that extra 10k a year, then chase that.

Chasing someone else's definition of success will always frustrate you.

Don't let anyone else's expectations define your worth, measure of happiness, or measure of success.

What is your definition of success?

Do you have a healthy definition, or an unhealthy definition?

How can you tell, or become aware, of unhealthy definitions?

If you feel out of season - you're holding on to something that should be let go - or you are always finding yourself isolated.

These are soft signs (indicators) that you may have unhealthy mindsets.

Avoid a breaking point.

Sit down and ask yourself the tough questions.

Are you pulling back from loved ones?

Do you define success by something no one could logically acheive?

Be transparent with yourself.

Find what you are thankful for, and identify how those things impact your life.

Outside of those things, what would you need to make you feel more successful, or more happy, if it is anything at all?

If you realize you have some unhealthy ideas of happiness and success, it is never too late to make a change, and shift your thinking.

If you are feeling absolutely overwhelmed by the stress of false expectations and ideas, seek out help.

Whether that be people close to you, or professional help.

Don't carry the weight of those things alone.

Don't live in isolation.

Your worst enemy is your inner me.

Invite people in who can speak honesty and truth into your life.

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