by Hannah Bower on September 27, 2017

Top 5 Best Church Media Software For Better Presentation

Even though your service is wrapped around worshipping God, the presentation of your service is still very important for many different reasons.

The fluidity of your service, the look, the feel, and the quality of sound produced are all contributing factors to the type of people your church will attract.

Finding the right software to make the presentation of your service smooth and pleasing to the congregation, and the tech team running it, can be difficult to find.

Here is a list of reviews for some of the top church media software that can increase the effectiveness, look, and feel of your Sunday morning presentation.

1. MediaShout 6

MediaShout 6 is a presentation software will multiple features that are specifically designed with your church in mind, and works with your PC or your Mac.

They're features range from content types, editing tools, reporting and printing, playback controls, and more!

Here are just some of the features they have designed to assist your church in having the best presentation:

Screenshot of Features - MediaShout Church Presentation Software & Media (1)


Screenshot of Features - MediaShout Church Presentation Software & Media (3)


Screenshot of Features - MediaShout Church Presentation Software & Media (4)


Screenshot of Features - MediaShout Church Presentation Software & Media (5)

MediaShout 6's prices were also designed with your church in mind!

They're low affordable prices give you different options to choose from.

MediaShout 6 is known to have great customer service and support teams who make sure your needs are met and taken care of.

To help ensure you fully understand their software, they also offer free training videos on their website!

Here is what people are saying about MediaShout 6 on their website:

"After using the computer for a few weeks now, it has been a great investment that I have made for the church and God. thanks for making it easy to use and train other people to use as well" - Barry H. | Verified Buyer
"Very glad we bought the bundle this time. The new Media 6 has of course had some challenges getting used to changes but still highly recommend them and their customer service and tech support are awesome!" - Danna M. | Verified Buyer

2. EasyWorship 6

With EasyWorship 6 you can build your service (song lyrics, scriptures, announcements, notes, slideshows, and videos) all in one place for more ease and efficiency (on PC only).

Some of their cool features include over $600 worth of free easy to access media that made editing quick to ensure you have background images for each Sunday service.

Screenshot of EasyWorship Software (1)

They also offer free support so that you are never left up the creek without a paddle if something goes south!

On top of offering amazing features, EasyWorship 6 is also extremely affordable not only in their regular pricing, but also by offering interest-free payment terms for churches who would struggle afford the software up front.

As well, if you ever switch to a different software, are not happy with it, and want to switch back to EasyWorship 6, you qualify for their discounted upgrade price - rather than having to re-purchase the package all over again.

Here's what people are saying about EasyWorship 6 on their website:

"We tried using another software and there is just nothing like EasyWorship. It's powerful, simple, and productive. Glad to be back!" - Rev. Samuel T. Lyon, Media & Communications
Pastor, Wurtland Church of God
"...EasyWorship 6, offers more pro tools that will help take your worship presentation to the next level." - MediaFusion

3. Proclaim

Proclaim is a combination of presentation and easy design.

They give you all the tools you need and cool features such as: recording and publishing sermons, easy volunteer training, stage direction cues, live surveys, offline availability, and the ability to edit while you're live.

Proclaim has many more features that you can check out on their website, but their free media is one of their coolest qualities.

They have over 10,000 different stills motion pictures for you to choose from, and this is all at a very low monthly price.

Screenshot of Pricing - Proclaim - Church Presentation Software


If you are looking for software that fits both Mac and PC with cool features that are mainly focused on your Sunday morning presentation without all the extra fluff, Proclaim is a great place to look.

They even offer training videos, documents, and support 24/7.

Here's what people are saying about Proclaim on their website:

“I'm able to train new staff by just allowing them to sit in service next to me ONCE. Nothing super complicated or difficult to understand.”- Trevis Bailey
“Allowing multiple people to access the program, and to do so at home or office, is a great feature that gives us tremendous flexibility and productivity.” - Dale McCoy, Pastor


The right church media software can boost your presentation for an over all smooth and engaging service! 


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