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Ditch The Mess And Stop Useless Expenses - Why You Should Go Paperless!

by Hannah Bower

Let's be honest, how many of us know exactly where to find a piece of paper once we have printed it out, and set it down or put it aware somewhere?

Paper is easy to misplace.

Yes, you may have filing cabinets, but with filing cabinets comes all the different dividers and separate folders you have to have for those pieces of paper within it.

3 Free iOS Apps Your Business Needs

by Briley Barnwell

Are you on your iphone or ipad a large portion of your time?

4 Nearly Free Amazing Services for Serious Small Businesses (Part 2)

by Kenny Lange

In the first part of this two part series on 4 nearly free services for your small business, we established that most often the thing holding you back is not a lack of understanding about your products and/or services. Although you should probably be working to know it better.

The problem lies in getting and staying organized - both for yourself and with your team. Technology has brought us some pretty neat tools that can do just that and not totally ruin our net profits!

4 Nearly Free Amazing Services for Serious Small Businesses (Part 1)

by Kenny Lange

Running a small business is hard! Most of the difficulty comes not from understanding your craft and not necessarily acquiring customers (although we all want more of those!).

Much of the frustration in operating a small business comes from expensive, inefficient, or hard-to-use services. That’s why if you’re serious about running your company smoothly, looking professional, and eliminating waste or inefficiencies then you should know about 4 amazing nearly free services.

3 Questions You Should Ask To Get A SaaS You'll Love

by Kenny Lange

Getting things done in your business has never been more easy and simultaneously more difficult. The wealth of software options is overwhelming and that number seems to grow every day. Let me show you how to cut through the clutter and BS and pick a solution that you'll love by asking 3 simple and confusion eliminating questions.

My mother always taught me to start at the beginning and when you get the end - stop. So, let's quickly define the different software mediums that are available to you and why I recommend one of them.


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