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3 Questions Inbound Marketers Who Want To Be Successful Should Ask

by Hannah Bower

Most people believe that success hinges solely upon talent, how many degrees you have, or the family you were born into.

3 Ways Inbound Marketing Will Help You Grow Your Business!

by Hannah Bower

A struggle among most businesses today is drawing in enough traffic, attention, or audience to their product or services.

Think about your business.

Where does your general audience come from?

Successful Inbound Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

by Hannah Bower

It's kind of a no brainer these days that every business needs a marketing strategy.

For some businesses that may be outsourcing (paying another company to take care of their marketing efforts), but for others, especially small or starter businesses whose marketing budget may be limiting, your marketing strategy rely's on your own efforts...and that can sometimes be overwhelming.

How Inbound Marketing Services Help Grow Your Business

by Hannah Bower

There are multiple different ways a person can market; however, as the world becomes more and more engulfed in the digital world, inbound marketing proves to be more beneficial for capturing quality leads and providing better sales opportunities to help you grow your business.

3 Things That Will Fuel Your Inbound Marketing Services

by Hannah Bower

I've had the privilege of working for a creative agency - The PHNX21creative Agency - going on seven months now.

Understanding The Goals And Pain Points For Your Potential Client

by Hannah Bower

If you consistently read my blogs you may realize that I have these so called "eureka moments" quite a bit.

Shouldn't we all though?

I believe eureka moments are a sign that you are consistently growing and learning.

Should Your Business Be Direct Messaging On Social Media?

by Hannah Bower

Posts have recently been cropping up all over the place about direct messaging on social media.

Most recently I read Gary Vaynerchuk's blog post written about direct messaging on Instagram.

Needless to say, all these posts and testimonials of success got the gears in my head turning - is this marketing tactic for everyone?

How I Overcame The Marketing Blues

by Hannah Bower

Does anyone really know what they are doing when it comes to marketing?

How To Cross Promote Yourself Within Your Own Business

by Hannah Bower

Typically when people speak about cross promotion they are referring to the exchange of promotion/advertising between two partnering businesses - which is a beneficial practice if you are able to connect with outside business owners.

However, just as important is the practice of cross promotion within your own business.

What do I mean?

Here are two different ways to cross promote your own business:

How A Boost In Confidence Will Improve Your Inbound Marketing Efforts

by Hannah Bower

We can all empathize with the feelings "I'm less than", "not good enough", or "not qualified".


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