What Is Creative Communication And How Can It Improve Your Marketing?

Hannah Bower
May 10, 2017, 10:20:00 AM

Creative communication is, well, just as simple as it sounds.

It's communicating creatively in a way that best connects with your target audience.

Like all communication, its intent is to help bring clarity to your marketing through either visual aid and/or other forms of interaction with the viewer.

Consider your current marketing strategy - are there conscious efforts to communicate creatively?

Let's talk about 3 major examples of creative communication in marketing to get an idea of what it is and then talk about it's benefits!

Ex. 1 Guerilla Marketing

This catchy method is known for its clever pun-like approach that focuses on unconventional ad based marketing.

What Is Creative Communication And How Can It Grow Your Business? shark week guerilla marketing

For instance, the 10th anniversary of shark week called for a great promotional effort. 

The Discovery Channel knocked it out of the park with this shark attack prop at the beaches.

While it is clever and eye-catching, it risks misunderstood intent and effectiveness.

Imagine if they put a fake shark in a ton of beaches instead with their logo on it.

Probably would have caused more heart attacks than it would have increased viewer ratings.

Ex. 2 How To/Explainer Videos

Companies like Fiverr will make animated videos with voice overs that talk about a product or service that typically can get confusing.

A ton of companies will utilize this service to help visitors to their website visualize what the company is trying to say.

Either that or inspire them.

Check out how Nike incorporated video into their about page to help visitors truly understand their mission and vision.

Screen recording (1)

You don't have to shell out thousands of dollars for a video either.

Tons of companies offer explainer videos or how to videos for cheap.

Check out fiverr if you're looking to get started on using videos to creatively communicate in your marketing efforts today.

What Is Creative Communication And How Can It Grow Your Business? screenshot of fiverr video services

Ex 3. Buyer-Focused Copy

This one is more of a concept but it is one of the most crucial components of creative communication and inbound marketing.

You have to write words that your buyers understand and find value in.

Your web copy is essentially all the words that you write on your website, and so many companies miss the mark when it comes to this.

They speak in a language relevant to their industry, but not to their buyers.

What Is Creative Communication And How Can It Grow Your Business? guy confused at papers

Buyers don't always know the ins-and-outs of what your business does, so you have to explain it simply but effectively.

BrandScript creator, Donald Miller, says that the longer that a person has to spend trying to understand your message, the more energy they burn, and therefore become uninterested.What Is Creative Communication And How Can It Grow Your Business? screenshot of StoryBrand website

It's a simple survival instinct.

So, if you're taking a long time to explain it, you better have an important offer.

Take a look at their website to get a feel for what the exact benefit is of clear, copy and branding

Here's a couple reason's why you should prioritize creative communication:

1. Creative Communication Sets You Apart

The market is full of options, and much like 5th grade dodgeball - competition is everywhere and quite often better than you.


How do you set yourself apart from the competition when your products are probably not "new"?

The answer is out educating your target audience.

That's where creativity is essential in your communication.

It helps differentiate your business from your competitors.

For instance, your competition works in the same complex industry you do. 

Does your web copy communicate how you solve your visitors problems quickly? Does it do that at all?

Maybe look into establishing your brand effectively with optimized web copy.

2. Creative Communication Helps You Reach Your Audience

How are you sending messages?

What Is Creative Communication And How Can It Grow Your Business? infographic on different marketing channels

Utilizing creative communication in your marketing will increase your chances to effectively reach your target audience across the channels they are using.

Different than setting yourself apart from competition, this means you can utilize communication across multiple platforms that your audience is using.

You don't comunicate to your audience the same way on youtube that you do on facebook.

Likewise, you can use creative communication to reach out to your prospects via email with optimized copy.

Essentially, creatively communicate in ways that each channel allows and do so effectively.

The more creativity you can use, the more eye catching and attention grabbing your marketing will prove to be.

3. Creative Communication Establishes A Stronger Brand Awareness

Because your marketing is a representation of who your business is, the unique and creative flare that you channel into your marketing efforts, will help establish a strong image that people will remember.

Your brand needs awareness and reach. 

Awareness is how well people are aware of your brand.

Let's be honest. If I showed you this brand you might not know what it's for.

bebo logo What Is Creative Communication And How Can It Grow Your Business?

But you know this one for sure.

facebook logo What Is Creative Communication And How Can It Grow Your Business?

Bebo, while it was/is a social media platform, it doesn't hold a candle to facebook's brand awareness.

Using creative communication can help establish your presence in your industry and in your target audience.

4. Creative Communication Broadens Your Reach

Reach is how many people know of your brand.

This is boosted through utilization of creative communication across multiple platforms.

Creative communication extends your reach because it opens up more doors in your marketing strategy.

Think about it, if your marketing strategy consists of blogs, blogs, and more blogs - which blogs are great, don't get me wrong - then you will only reach the part of your target audience that is reading blogs.

Using creative communication to create visual ads, vlogs, podcasts, infographics, ect. will enable you to reach a wider and more diverse group of people.

5. Creative Communication Makes You More Relatable

There is nothing more refreshing than coming across businesses who not only interact with their customers in a genuine way, but can also market and promote themselves in a human way.

I can assure you that if I were to ask, "What brands do you find relatable and approachable?" you'd have a list of brands that not only you are a fan of but that you've purchased from.

That's the power creative communication can have in establishing a connection with your audience.

It's the icing on the cake. It's the cherry on top.

Creating something that will not only inform but really connect with your audience in an emotional way will help draw more potential sales to your business.


When planning out your marketing strategy, don't forget to think through and map out where creative communication can be implemented.

The goal is to connect with the correct audience in order to make the correct sales, exploring your business's creative flare within your marketing efforts will help bring qualified leads to your content/website. 

Does your website have web copy and communication that is holding you back?

Get it audited now for FREE!


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What Is Creative Communication And How Can It Improve Your Marketing?

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What Is Creative Communication And How Can It Improve Your Marketing?