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by Hannah Bower on November 14, 2017

What Motivates You As A Writer?

Whether you're a full time online writer or you blog for pure enjoyment you have a unique why that motivates every word you form on digital paper.

Sometimes recognizing that why can be difficult for a number of different reasons, but nonetheless, it is still there.

If you write because you have deadlines, it can sometimes become overwhelming or feel mundane.

This happens to me every once in a while, but when I first took the position that I currently hold as an Inbound Marketing Consultant, it happened to me what seemed like every week.

I was trying to get in the flow of writing two blogs a week that would connect with our business's target audience and I eventually felt like I was running out of ideas, or I felt like my creative fuse had burnt out and there was no hope of reviving it.

After feeling like a total loser for a couple weeks or thinking that I wasn't cut out for the job, I had a revelation so to say.

It was more of a duh revelation, but a revelation nonetheless.

Ready for it?...every writer feels creative block, feels burnt out, gets tired, or experiences lack of ideas.


That was my revelation.

I came to the conclusion that I wasn't the only one, and the thing that was holding me back wasn't the fact that I occasionally felt burnt out, that I would get tired, or that I had to dig deep for ideas; the thing that was holding me back was my lack of motivation and choosing not to remember my why.

Your why is the basis of your motivation.

It is what drives you to get up in the morning and write day after day after day.

It is the thing that brings you back to sanity when you get so lost in your stories, blogs, copy writing, ect that you start spelling things wrong and making up words.

Feeling burnt out, though it may be normal, doesn't have to be something you accept and bow down to.

Staying motivated is a choice.

Staying in touch with your why is a choice.

I didn't realize this when I first started writing, but now, whether one person or two million people read my words, I know that I wrote with the heart and the intent to connect with people and provide value to them, and relieve their pain points.

That is the basis of my why and the thing that motivates me.

My readers' pain points.

Is what I am writing going to solve a problem for them, or at least point them to something else that will?

Or is my writing taking them in circles and wasting three to five minutes of their lives?

If you don't write for a business, or to pay your bills, and you just write for enjoyment, you still have a why that motivates you to keep going.

Have you thought about what your why is?

If you struggle to find motivation, maybe you need to rethink what your why is.

Don't lose touch with who you are and what your writing can do for someone.

In the midst of burnout or the feelings of creative lack, don't sit and beat yourself up; instead, take a moment, collect yourself, and go over your why.

Write it out if you have to.

Sing it.

Think about it while you drink a cup of coffee.

Whatever you have to do to remind yourself why your words matter, do it.

It's there that you will find your motivation.


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