Why You Should Make Your Creative Marketing More Emotional

Hannah Bower
May 17, 2017 10:15:00 AM

When it comes to marketing, knowing what your target audience needs is not enough - you need to know why.

Knowing why your target audience needs/would benefit from your service or product will help you better know how to market in a way that will connect with them.

This is where creative marketing comes in.

Creative marketing allows you to bring personality and human touch to your advertising.

Your aim is not only to be eye catching - but to evoke an emotional reaction out of your target audience.

Everyone has emotions, and more times than not we make decisions based off our emotions rather than logic.

Your marketing for "what" your potential customer needs supplies the logic to your efforts, but creativity is your chance to evoke emotion.

Here are a few things to focus on in your creative marketing that will enable you to connect emotionally with your target audience:

1. Focus On Personal Value, Not Business Value

Remember - it's not about you.

Customers want to know that their needs and priorities are your number one care and concern.

Yes, you want to make money and make a living by selling your services or products, but you need customers in order to do that.

Prioritize your customers by showcasing the benefits of your services and products, and how it will add value to their life.

2. Tell A Story

People are more likely to connect and respond to personal stories than they will product positioning.

Stories evoke emotion and create desire within the buyer.

Stories can be anything from customer testimonials or stories from you and other employee/coworkers about your journey and personal experience with the service/product.

People are drawn to marketing that is personal and human.

3. Don't Try To Act Smart

Leave the fluff behind.

The last thing a customer wants is to talk to someone using words they do not understand.

Remember, your everyday lingo most likely is not the customer's everyday lingo.

You don't have to use big words to sound smart.

Talk simple.

Use words that are clear and easy to understand.

People are more likely to engage and connect when they are clearly informed and feel confident in their ability to understand the information they are receiving.


Avoid rigid and boring marketing.

Consider products or services that you connect with personally.

What in their marketing caused you to engage with their business?

What emotions did their marketing evoke in you?

Now look at your target audience, what emotions can you use to market in a way that will connect with them?



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