by Hannah Bower on October 4, 2017

Why You Should Never Skip Out On Purchasing Website Support

Your website is a vital part of your business; having a place to direct people to answer questions, inform them on what you do, and have a place to communicate with them is essential.

Websites are a great way to achieve growth and generate qualified leads for your business; however, having a website created or redesigned is not where it stops.

You need website support!

Consider your smart phone, laptop, desktop, ect., once you purchase these things they are ready to go - they work after your enter and set up all your information - but they periodically need updates to ensure that the software/apps are running correctly and as fast as they can.

It is the same with your website.

Once your website is launched, it is ready to go and it functions the way that it needs to (hopefully), but it will still require frequent updates.

Compare it to your car as well.

Your car is built with all the pieces it needs in order to run, but sometimes things slip out of place or stop working properly.

This is similar to the back end of your website.

There are so many different pieces of software working together to make your beautiful website run, but the different pieces don't always get along or play nice with each other.

There may be times where a link breaks resulting in a broken form or button on your website.

Broken forms and buttons are your enemy.

If your forms or buttons are broken you cannot collect people's information resulting in missed leads and missed business.

These are vital and realistic reasons to make sure you hire great website support - whether through the agency that builds your website or hiring a company you trust to listen and be on call.

It is kind of like insurance.

When you buy a new phone you have the option to purchase insurance.

Some people opt out of buying it because they think saving an extra fifteen to thirty dollars a month is worth it.

However, when they just so happen to drop their phone out the car window, while driving one hundred and ten miles per hour, and a semi truck that's on fire runs over it, resulting in an explosion that sends their phone high into the air and over a bridge into the bet they wished they had insurance then.

If something on your website breaks, there is no guarantee another piece won't break tomorrow, next week, or next month.

If you are paying each time something breaks you could wind up spending more money than having a monthly deal with a company to be your website support and saving grace.

Website support can also take care of you when you decide it is time to change something on your website.

As your business grows, so should your website.

If you start offering new services or products, you want your website to display and market it correctly.

Having already found a company you trust and have worked with for website support can help ease your mind and bring your confidence that the changes you envision for your website will be done properly and efficiently.

Different companies will offer different services in their website support packages, but these are two main areas where want to feel protected and taken care of!

Find a company that fits your needs and answers your questions in a way that leaves no room for misinterpretation or mistakes. 

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