Digital Marketing Services

Everything you need to attract visitors, engage them with content, and delight them as customers.


Do you have any content marketing at all? This might be why you struggle to attract traffic. Even then, content that is produced without an expert strategy tends to fall flat. Read on to learn more.


Content is king. It’s the best method to drive traffic to your site. You need it, but you need to do it effectively to see the ROI you're seeking.


First impressions are critical. Do yours make visitors want to buy or leave? Everything they see adds up to your brand. Let us help you create the best impression possible.


Traffic is only half the battle. You need conversion pathways built into your website and content strategy to drive leads. That’s where conversion offers, or lead magnets, come into play.


Tired of wasting marketing dollars? We track all efforts with valuable KPIs to laser-focus your marketing and ROI. Data driven companies outperform the competition by far.


Struggling to save time organizing and contacting your leads? What about setting up AI and bots to talk to clients for you? Read on to see how marketing automation is one of the best methods to scale your business, engage with your leads, and drive sales.

Content Strategy

Content strategy is vital to ensuring the content you produce actually drives visitors to your site, engages them, and encourages them to buy. Unfortunateluy, creating a cohesive, well-thought plan that provides the right services at the right time isn't as easy as writing up a 400 word blog.

You need strategy and tactics behind planning what you write and how it's written.

It’s all about attracting your ideal customer, engaging them with educational content that funnels them towards buying, and delighting that customer with continual offers, benefits, and education.

Content strategy is comprised of major services we provide like: buyer persona creation, pillar page creation, marketing campaign development, and many more.


Content Curation

Half baked blog ideas don't garner the traffic that properly optimized and written blogs can, and your marketing ROI depends on having spectacular 

Since blogging is the cheapest, most effective method to attract visitors to your site, we specialize in producing optimized blogs that draw crowds to your site. We also partner with third party video company to provide explainer videos or narrative clips. When coupled with stellar content strategy, properly curated content enables you to attract large amounts of people that are interested in your product and nurture them to the place where they are ready to buy.

Content curation is made up of these services we provide:

  • Blogging
  • eBooks
  • Pillar Pages
  • Lead magnets
  • Videos


You know Nike and Facebook. They have brands that easily stand above the crowd in their industry. Does yours?

Branding is ambiguous, and branding itself isn’t technically a service, but when everything you do is planned to reflect your company’s unique voice and “fingerprint” you get a clearly established, effectively communicated brand that buyers can’t help but remember and want to buy from. Major services we provide that establish great branding are, but aren’t limited to:

  • Content curation
  • Web design
  • Web copy
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing

Conversion Offers

We understand that high traffic doesn't mean tons of sales. You'll need a planned roadmap for visitors to take once they reach your site that leads to a purchase.

True conversion offers are valuable propositions that are offered for free and funnel visitors who convert on them further towards buying. We cannot overstate this fact: if you don’t offer conversion offers that uniquely appeal to your ideal buyers your website and content is useless. That’s where we partner with you to curate the best, most valuable, and simple conversion offers. These services include:

  • Content offers
  • Lead magnets
  • Conversion pathway development
  • Integrated CRM

Data Analytics

Tracking data is crucial to ensuring your marketing efforts aren’t going to waste. If you can’t track the benefits of a service, you shouldn’t perform it. PHNX tracks all efforts with key performance indicators (KPIs) relative to the service. These services are simple:

  • Digital knowledge management
  • Built-in data tracking marketing software

Through implementing these tactics we take the "stab in the dark" approach and flip on the lights.


Marketing Automation

Imagine being able to send the perfect, personable email to hundreds of people at various stages in the buyer’s journey all at once. Imagine establishing a chatbot that can answer any questions and guide prospects with the right piece of content or recommendation. Imagine doing these things without lifting a finger. Marketing automation is like hitting autopilot on your marketing efforts with intuitive learning, accuracy, and efficiency.

These services include:

  • Lead flows
  • Chatbots
  • Email sequencing
  • Smart contentIntuitive
  • CRM management

The Growth Marketing Advantage

The key to growth isn't in just one of these. You need a custom growth marketing strategy that adapts to your journey, needs, and desires.

The only thing you need to start growing is to choose your plan.