Web Design:

Optimized for Inbound Marketing


Your site will be built for speed and performance - both of which matter when it comes to Google. We will also optimize your site around keywords to help you attract more visitors. 

User Friendly

Websites should be easy to use for your visitors and for you. We ensure that your site is intuitive enough that even your 93 year old grandma can use it with joy.

Eye Catching

There are plenty of sites with an overload of information and text. We want your visitors to be captivated by the beauty and simplicity of your site.

Growth Driven

A website that doesn't evolve over time or help you convert visitors to leads is just a really expensive business card. We'll craft your site into an asset for your business.

What we do.

We design websites that captivate the hearts and minds of your prospective clients. We then execute that design in a ruthless pursuit of excellence. This starts with the HubSpot COS (content optimization system).

The HubSpot COS will give you a significant headstart towards seeing the results you want. With its naitive integration with HubSpot's Marketing platform, you'll be able to clearly see the effects of all of your inbound marketing efforts through in-depth yet easy to understand reports.

Your new site will also enjoy

  1. Fast load times
    Google measures and weighs this in your ranking
  2. Viewable on any device
    Google calls this mobile-friendly and highlights this trait on search results below site descriptions in light grey. Go look at a search result on your phone - we'll wait.
  3. Security via an SSL certificate
    That's what gives you the green padlock in the web address and Google loves that.

Connecting the dots between all of the pieces of your marketing has never been easier and you'll  know what's working in real-time.

Not ready to step into that type of performance machine or just looking to get a fresh new look? We can still help you take a big step forward with our websites built on WordPress - the Internet's most popular content management platform.

We will build you a site using industry leading tools, placing that site with a reliable web host, and creating an easily scalable framework that can grow as quickly as your company grows.

We also have Airborne packages for entrepreneurs, start-ups and smaller businesses with smaller budgets looking to take a more do-it-yourself approach with or without our coaching.

Who we work with.

There are two types of clients that have found us to be the ideal fit for them.

The first is the overwhelmed small business owner who doesn't have the time needed to build the success they want or have the time to learn how to do everything required to win online.

They tend to be experts in their craft and run a service oriented business.

They see that the marketing landscape has changed and are looking to collaborate with an agency to share their hard-won knowledge and translate into captivating marketing that will enable them to help more people.

The second type  are entrepreneurs at the beginning or early in the life of their business.

They have a passion to help people with their service, but, because website design and inbound marketing aren't their expertise, they are overwhelmed with the information they find regarding those topics.

These type of clients need to get version 1.0 of their online presense up but don't want to sacrifice quality. They tend to be great fits for our Fire Starter packages (more info coming soon!) along with our coaching.

The frequent feedback from our expert team helps them take bigger steps forward in a shorter amount of time.

In either case, we work best with people who want to get back to doing what only they can do.

How we got here.

Our founder, Kenny Lange, got started building websites back in the mid 90s after he and a friend watched a Pay-Per-View wrestling event. They were passionate supporters of a particular group of wrestlers and, therefore, dispised that group's rival.

So they built a site dedicated to trashing that rival group.

Not quite the romantic tale you were hoping for, eh?

Not long after that, Kenny began working in his church's media department. This is where he learned about graphics, layouts, and how the smallest detail can make the biggest difference.

He even worked with a contemptory Christian worship band as their "media guy" for time.

In 2014, Kenny built his first WordPress website with the purpose of building an audience after reading Michael Hyatt's New York Times Bestseller "Platform: Get Noticed In A Noisey World".

That's where he began to hone his talent and passion for digital communication into the skillset that eventually lead to the founding of PHNX21creative (formally PHNX21designs).

Why choose us.

While this section might seem like humble bragging, we want you to know a few things about us that may help you decide if we're the right agency relationship for you and your business.

We understand that a new website can come with a lot of unknowns. You and your team will be frequently informed on progress and fully trained on any of the software we implement.

Being your agency partner means that we have a vested interest in not only being a joy to work with, but that we share the weight of success with any of our joint efforts.

We are easy to get a hold of. No long hold times. No wondering if we got your message. If you don't connect with us right away. You'll hear from us - a real human - in 1 business day or less.

Communication is primarily non-verbal. So, we'll make sure your website is saying all the right things when a new visitor lands on one of your pages.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We mean it. If we don't hold up our end of the deal - fire us.

We're nerds you can actually understand.

What to expect from us.

A Website You'll Love

While your site will beprimarily designed and built with your buyer/client in mind, we want you to be captivated too! Something you'll want to show off and make your competitors nervous.

Frequent + Open Communication

Websites are a big investment and that you are trusting us with something precious - your digital home. The best way  to build trust is to communicate often and honestly.

To Be Served

We believe in treating you the way we would want to be treated. Your success is our success and we partner with you to see that  happen.




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